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    An Article on What is Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Marketing?

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      Once your company has a professionally developed and functional web site, receiving web traffic becomes the next goal. There are many internet marketing techniques available today; Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Marketing is one of the quickest ways to begin an internet marketing campaign.


      Pay-Par-Click (PPC) refers to an online advertising model where advertisers bid a specific amount they are willing to pay each time a unique web user clicks on their ad. PPC ads are usually placed on the top and right side of the main search result listings. Many PPC programs exist, however the most popular are Google AdWords and Yahoo Search Engine Marketing.


      Pay Per Click Advantages


      The advantages to advertising with a PPC program include speed, targeting and return-on-investment (ROI tracking). It usually only takes about a day to have your ad up and running on a search engine. By bidding on specific keywords you ensure that your ad only shows when those keywords are searched on by a user. Ads can also be directed to only show depending on the geographical location of the web user. This is especially important for web site owners who offer a local only product or service. Finally, it is possible to utilize tracking codes to measure not only the amount you are spending on your PPC campaign but the how much money you are bringing in. Underperforming keywords can then quickly be removed while others can be expanded.


      It is very important for internet marketers to perform proper keyword analysis before and during the PPC campaign. Money can quickly be wasted and potential sales lost if the wrong search terms are used. There are online tools offered by the PPC companies themselves that can suggest keywords and phrases for your specific industry. Proper bid management is also important. Your bid amount per term impacts where your ad is placed within a search result. Usually the higher the bid, the higher your ad is placed leading to more clicks.


      Pay Per Click vs. Organic Search Engine Marketing


      It is important to note that PPC and organic search engine marketing can peacefully coexist and offer a company many advantages. Organic search engine refers to the main area where search engine results are shown after a user does a search engine query. Consider the following:

      • Pay-Per-Click costs can quickly skyrocket, make sure you have a daily budget activated
      • Organic SEO results are longer term than PPC results
      • Organic SEO results can take longer to produce results but the cost is much less and more stable
      • Studies show search engine users trust organic SEO listings more than PPC
      • Studies show search engine users are more likely to click on organic search engine listings
      • PPC search engine users are becoming more aware of ad placements, resulting in fewer and less qualified clicks

      Since there are benefits to organic and PPC search engine marketing programs, it is recommended to utilize both. By incorporating both an organic SEO and PPC search-engine strategy you will maximize your sites visibility on the Internet. Your results will appear quickly via the PPC program and once positive organic SEO results have been achieved, you can reduce your PPC account spending and truly take advantage of the profitability organic SEO offers.


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