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    Truly Dog Friendy Show Me The Money

    spalady Newbie

      If You Love and Enjoy pets,


      Make Owners Happy while Making Pets Happy


      Show Them How Much You Care


      As a Consultant for $99 you can offer a selection of quality soy candles that can be shared with dogs or cats and humans who love them giving pets a relaxing and a rejuvenating experience of spa along with the benefits of repelling pests.



      100% Soy Massage Oil Candles






      Vibrant Fragrance


      Silky Feel


      All Natural


      Double as a Rich Lotion


      _Relives _








      Irritated skin


      I have used my candles on my pug during the summer and winter months. He has a big problem with dry, flaky, irritated skin and fleas. Constantly scratching and rubbing. After two weeks of massing a small amount of oil from my candles on his skin 2 times a day he was free from scratching all day. His coat and skin is soft and vibrant he no longer has irritated reddish skin. Now he sleeps and snore loud. I am happy my pet is now comfortable.


      Please feel free to e-mail me with questions
      Visit or call Paula (518) 253-0297

      Try it! One 4 ounce Softbody Lotion Bar 50 cents each

      e-mail orders


      Thank you