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    Business Tradelines, Credit Repair

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      For information on business tradelines and credit repair services visit and contact me personally at
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Credit Repair

          Will check out the web site, Thanks
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            adavis6 Newbie
            That website doesn't provide business tradelines anymore. I've used before with good results. I was trying to see if there were any other other credible options out there.
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                  directconect Adventurer
                  Hello , My name is bob and I do know everything there is to know about business trade lines, if anyone needs help understanding this,what to do or how to get them ,let me know I will help free of charge. This and building business credit is what I do.

                  First off in order for you to ever see your business trade lines on your credit file at dnb you will have to buy there score builder program or credit builder plus program, If you only have a duns number what happens is everything reported in on your company
                  will go into a seperete data base on never post to your file. they hold on to this information for about six months, if you buy there program within that six months and your trade lines meet thier critera they will add them if not then they wont.
                  if you don't buy into there program within that six months then they will toss them. Anyone running a credit check on your company will only see incomplete file and no score if you have not bought into there program until you do buy into it.
                  in order for a company to meet there critera to verify your trade line (trade experence) or report one on your company they have to have had a dun number for a year and also have bought there program
                  Trade lines are a main factor in your business credit but if you don't fax in your company financials to dnb as well then you will have an incomplete credit file at dnb and the trade lines wouldent do you much good. You need both : a complete file plus trade lines.
                  building your business credit is like putting a puzzle toghether you put all the peaces together right and you will get your credit cards and loans, also having a good busioness plan.

                  when searching for trade lines on the internet you need to be real careful because 95% of companies offering these services are scamming business owners right out of there money. Here is what to whach out for:
                  shelf corporations (number 1 scam ) shelf corporation will do you no good any longer find out why here

                  seasoned trade lines( number 2 scam ) you can't season anything dnb will only go back the past 12 months for more on this visit
                  stay away from any ads mentioning aged trade lines , primary trade lines, high high credit limits or cpn numbers. If anyone wants a free business consultation call me at 559-765-4440 Bob

                  good luck in business

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                  robloman1 Wayfarer

                  That is correct bob, You have to have into Dun Bradstreet's program or they will not let your trade reference post, When you buy there program they only allow you to give them so may to call, I believe six. So it is best to contact your trade references and make sure they already are part of there program, companies that already report to Dun Bradstreet will post anyway so that is another reason to find out first.

                  This way you leave those six open for those you need.

                  Check out my blog on my website some time.