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    Project Management and Timetracking Software

    fakeblond Newbie
      Hi: I'm an indepent marketing consultant who works with other collaborators. I'm looking for project management software that will optimize stuff I'm currently doing in spreadsheets of documents:

      • Tracking time (hours per project/hours per contributor)
      • Tracking budgets
      • Creating project plans
      • Creating online document repositories
      • Creating project sites

      From my small amount of research, it seems like Vertabase and RoboHead may be the best packages. I'm wondering if anyone has experience with either package. If so, can you tell me what you like or dislike about it?

      Also, if i don't go that route, does anyone have a great timetracking solution? I am looking for something that's pretty robust, as I would like to customize it by client, project, type of work, and billable rate.