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    Is wordpress the answer for my business

    Gberry Wayfarer
      Hi All,
      I need help figuring out if wordpress is my answer or a template.I already have the hosting my site is which, but can I use it with wordpress - rerouting my url to my own domain - I have download countless things to see what works, but they all are so foreing to me, I am not as savvy as others it webdesign, but i can get my self around it with proper intruction , main problem is i don't have too many hours in the day to spend on it. Wordpress templates are not condusive to the type of business i have. I paint murals and there are hardly any sites out there for that, those artist that have one are really high end and i am not quite there yet. I can not afford to pay what professional designers ask for.

      Could someone help me to figure out the easiest way to do this, anyone out there with a similar dilema and found a solutuion?

      I would really appreciate any help!

      thank you!!