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    Online Technology Services You Shouldn't Live Without

    fakeblond Newbie

      Carbonite - a secure online backup for everything on your PC. Costs $50/year, or less than $5/month. After you've crashed your system once and lost critical files you didn't back up, you'll realize you can't live without it. Restores your desktop with a couple clicks to any machine you choose. It takes a little bit of time to backup your system the first time; you can work through it, but there is a slight performance drag. I'd get it going and then leave for lunch.

      Basecamp - Online file storage. Works great when you are collaborating with several folks and have large files. Bills itself as a collaboration site, but it isn't really. Best if you just need to post files and write simple notes. Also shows you who has accessed what. Graduated pricing. I currently have 3 gigs I pay $50 a month for.

      YouSendIt - Great if you just need to send large files on the fly and can't be bothered to use Basecamp. I think it's free. You get an e-mail and go to a remote site to pick up your files.

      eFax - I get all my contracts and POs faxed via e-fax, so I have electronic versions of them. Much better than a physical fax, because you can pick up documents electronically. You have to pay a monthly fee to PDF. I think it's about $25. I just save the efax docs, knowing that if I need a paper trail I can sign up for the PDFs anytime and convert them.


      Remote Technology Support - My IT guy fixes my computer remotely. I click on his website and he takes over my computer. Awesome.