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    Grant Doctor RipOff,

    Viking Wayfarer
      A warning to all.
      I did a search on this site for "grants" and got a link to the Grant Doctor. There is no information on that site !! They will be willing to sell you some info for $99.95 on whetever you want, however.
      My search for Grants got me a countdown clock, 2 minutes to sign up for my Free CD, OK I did that. The next page asks for $2.99 for shipping of the CD, IF I do it in the next 2.5 minutes, there is another count down clock. $2.99 sounds fair why the rush? THEY DON'T WANT YOU TO READ THE WEB PAGE.
      I am embarased to say I fell for it, didn't read the whole page. Once you have entered your CC info the next page tells you that you have signed up to their web site for $39.95 a month and 2 other web sites for $ 9.95 and $ 7.95 per month. Unless I cancel my membership in the next 7 days.
      I called the telephone number and got a customer rep who tells me the call volume is so high they will call me back and takes my number and name. This guy says he doesn't have the time to take my cancilation, I will have to wait untill they call back.
      I don't expect to get any calls from this outfit.
      I have emailed them my canclation, I will let you know if I get a call back.
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Grant Doctor RipOff, Welcome John and thanks for the warning.

          How long have you been in business??

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              Viking Wayfarer
              I have been self employed most of my life ( I am 63) . My newest venture is Fantasy Portrait Studio, I started it a couple of years ago on the web only, it is going nowhere. I had a studio in the seventies, I know my craft, but I couldn't sell food to a starving man.
              I have seen some web site critiques here, I think I will start another thread and do that.
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              Viking Wayfarer
              Somebody go raise a flag !
              They called me back and cancled the subscriptions.
              In the hour since I signed up with those people I have already recieved 10 emails from their affiliates.
              I can hear the tsunami comming.
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                Grant_Doctor Newbie
                Hi Viking. I am also The Grant Doctor, but I am the Good Grant Doctor. I run a blog ( ), and your post about the Bad Grant Doctor appears in Google just above the link to my site! I just bought the domain name and started the blog a couple of months ago. I don't sell anything at this point, let alone use slam marketing techniques. It's just a blog with resources for grant writers like a blog and sample grant proposals.

                Would you mind looking at my site and verifying in this email chain that is not the same site as the people who were hard-selling you?


                The Good Grant Doctor