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    Information on starting a business

    ToZion Newbie
      i'm an Italian citizen willing to start a small business in the US in a few months; i'm in contact with an immigration attorney for my e-2 visa application (hoping to obtain it) and i've asked him some information about the type of business entity to form, but i'm not sure he's pointing me into the right direction.
      I'm planning to open a gelato shop/cafè on my own and he suggested an s corporation or LLC, wouldn't be better a sole proprietorship? Or in case i'll put my american friend as partner (giving him a 10% share of the business), wouldn't be better a Limited partnership?
      Which entity is best suited for my shop?
      Another related question; i'm planning to have a small seating area and a retail area to sell italian products in the shop, should i search for a restaurant space or for a commercial space? Or is the same?
      To apply for a business permit do i need something particular for this kind of business (in italy you have to do some courses if you have to deal with food products).
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          LLCguy Adventurer
          Because you are not a US citizen, you can NOT be an S Corporation.The easiest route is going to be the LLC. As an LLC you will need to maintain an operating agreement. you can get a free copy you can customize @

          I love gelato shops.. not enough here in Los Angeles.
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            amspcs Ranger
            First step, you need to become either citizen or legal resident. Otherwise you'll have tough time getting
            banking accounts, merchant account, etc.

            Also,there are no generic answers to any of your questions. The correct answers to all depend on YOUR situation and YOUR needs, no one-size-fits-all solution. Consult a good trusted business attorney and accountant and work out the details with him/her.

            Other than that, my advise to you is the same as I'd say to anybody starting a new business:
            1 DO YOUR HOMEWORK
            2 DO YOUR HOMEWORK
            3 DO YOUR HOMEWORK.

            You might guess I am a big believer in preparation. Don't guess. ..KNOW what you're doing.

            Wishing you the best of luck. By the way, I like sugar-free chocolate gelatos.