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    Personal or Business Debt Problems? Let's Talk

    NoBullFunding Scout

      In today's difficult economic times, virtually every industry has been adversely impacted. It's not that that you don't want to pay your business debts, you simply don't have the cash flow to do it. We understand and want to help. We will deal with the bank, the credit card company, and their attorneys to reduce your monthly payments. Beyond the initial $100 fee, which covers our full analysis of your business and strategy formulation, you pay nothing if we are not able to renegotiate any of your debt.


      Our service includes:
      • A complete examination of your finances to determine how much you can afford vs. how much your owe.
      • Work with you to establish a realistic strategy to get back on track
      • An evaluation of your personal credit report.
      • We will contact your creditors (and their legal counsel) on your behalf and attempt to re-negotiate the terms of your debt.

      Please visit our website ( or contact us via email ( or via telephone (631-428-1978)

      You have nothing to lose but debt!