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    Any help in creating a business presentation folder-thank U

    hal1953 Newbie
      I am trying to help girlfriend create something that she calls a business presentation folder for her house cleaning service/maid service, I am new in this sort of thing and need all the help I can get, am trying to get as much to read about it and also asking here on this forum for any assistance that anyone here knows from having been there done that. Its not a new business but we are trying to get larger then we are now, barely making ends meet and the market out there I know is large and just out there to be tapped.
      Also if there is anything else anyone might add to also help us in light of advertising, what, where, how much....then I am also asking for help in this part of what we are trying to do. I dont figure to go worldwide or even go nation wide, but perhaps expand to other parts of Fla.
      Thank you for reading and perhaps helping in our quest for information.

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          Lighthouse24 Ranger

          Just a couple of questions to help focus the responses . . .

          Who is the primary target audience for this folder (residential homeowners/occupants, commercial property managers, potential partners/investors)?

          Are you planning to (a) print and assemble these yourself using desktop equipment, (b) have them professionally printed and packaged, or (c) some combination of the two?

          The suggested design and content would vary based on those things, so if you can provide more info relative to that, it'll be easier to steer you in the right direction.
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              Iwrite Pioneer
              Another question is "does it have to be a folder?" Could you create a three dimensional piece that attracts and holds potential customers' attention while delivering your message?

              Lighthouse has given you some really good things to consider. Answering them will help bring the message into focus. How you deliver that message is up to you.

              Here are a few simple things to remember:
              The more engaging the better the response
              Don't make the message a task to read or understand
              Keep it simple
              Remember you are talking to human beings - try to touch an emotion with your message

              Good luck.
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                hal1953 Newbie
                commercial property managers would be the target market we would be after( this is the market I believe would benefit our business the most in the long run), I would be printing all of what is needed on desktop equipment at a target size of 8x10 for the prints. I will be using software to create and work with the images we decide should be in the folder, what we really dont know is what the content should be, and perhaps what we should avoid all together.
                As of the other question for me, yes it would have to be a presentation folder of some sort, for what we are trying to do.
                I hope this helps you to help us, thank you for answering my question about all of this.
                that is what i think, at least in part, what life is all about, all of us helping eachother when and if we can.
                and also thank for the "good luck"
                P.S. if there is anything I left out, or what I did say, now requires more answers, sorry, ask away. and thank you again for all your help.