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    How to get clients?

    domino Newbie
      I think this is the hardest part of business just have opened my own company(real estate appraisal service).I did all stuff to open company,but no new clients. I sent e-mail,post cards.....bla-bla...vendor companies....waste of time and money....I would really appreciate real advise and help.
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          Wingman Adventurer
          I'm having similar issues trying to get established with mynew restaurant. I know it's a totally different industry but hopefully you can make some of these things work for you.

          I attended a Chamber of Commerce meeting and found many of the attendees were professionals (eg. RE Agent, Finanacial Advisors, etc.) You may want to inquire about the Chamber of Commerce in your area and attend one of their meetings. I couldn't hurt.
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            WEBillions Adventurer
            Contact your local real estate sales person. They probably have people all of the time that need their house appraised, assuming they don't do that themselves. It seems unlikely they would have the time. If they are currently doing appraisals themselves, see if you can strike a partnership with them and do it for them. They would probably rather focus on sales. Just a thought.
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              NatOnline Tracker
              Try local newspapers ads, flyers, (free) etc...

              I was member of the chamber of commerce when I was an active graphic designer, this is time consuming, and never get a lot of business from them.
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                  MeGaHW Newbie
                  It is very time consuming to attend networking meetings like that. But more or less I felt it is useful. It is even very intimidating to meet and talk to strangers every time. But I also learn different things each time I talk to someone. I may not get business from them immediately, but some times it does bring in referrals and new opportunities. I may not attend every meeting that they have or stay to the last minute in each meeting, but a social networking once in a while is a good way to know new people (get people to know about you and your business) and also to learn new things.
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                  LUCKIEST Guide
                  I agree with you. When one opens any new business, getting sales or clients is the hardest part
                  of the new business in the beginning.
                  What is your background and why did you decide to open your real estate service NOW??
                  Did you have a BUSINESS PLAN and or a MARKETING PLAN before you opened??
                  What is the name of your new venture?? Name recognition is very important.
                  In most cases newspaper advertising, e-mails and post cards are a waste of money.
                  Find a local newspaper reporter and come up with a gimmick and have the reported
                  write about it. Sponser an event?? Do something special (and FREE) for halloween.
                  A fund raiser for the holidays or sponser a local sports team. Anything to get your name
                  and the business name out there and sales will follow.
                  Good luck, LUCKIEST
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                    DomainDiva Ranger

                    Banks and lending institutions use appraisers. Contact realtors offices as well.

                    Did you not identify your client base before you started up?
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                      SuccessSister Newbie
                      One of the best ways to get business is to identify successful real estate appraisers in your area who have more work than they can handle. Let them know that you're available to help them when their workload is too heavy. You can create some type of sub-contracting deal with them. Make sure that you do an excellent job for them -- and show your appreciation for their help.

                      Also, I assume you took courses to become a real estate appraisor. Go back to your teachers and the other students and let them know you're looking for work. Or partner with other students to go after new businesss.

                      And finally, how did you become interested in this field? Were you already in real estate? If so, approach everyone you know in the field through phone calls, emails, and personal letters. Take key people to lunch and tell them about your work.

                      In order to get customers, you need to build trust through a personal approach. You need to build a reputation for good work. New business for you will be based on word-of-mouth.
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                        Lighthouse24 Ranger
                        A post I made yesterday:
                        Jessica, Patience, and Repetition

                        "Reader's Digest" version: It takes time and repetition for e-mail, postcards, and "blah-blah" to work -- so don't automatically assume that a lack of response to those things right now means that they are a waste of time and money.