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    Injured expense payments?

    ccsigndude Wayfarer

      am self employed. Operating as a LLC/Member, in the state of Michigan.
      Last year I injured myself doing work for the business. I was unable to
      collect Workers Comp & Unemplyment due to ownership status/LLC
      structure. I required major surgical repair to my spine & the
      medical bills were covered under Blue Care Network(my Wife as primary).
      Now in the last 3 months of the year as I was bedridden, I paid myself
      weekly as a "draw"(taxes not deducted). I had to hire an additional
      employee(taxes deducted) to take care of my responsibilities. We are
      barely staying open & I may lose my home.


      My Question: Is there
      a way I could have "Expensed" the money I used to pay my wages while I was out of work? Along the lines like sick pay-
      statutory, fringe benefit-other compensation or medical/insurance
      payments. Allowing me some form of decrease in taxable income. I think the UK has something like this called "Incapacity Benefit". Does the US?????


      Any creative help would be welcome.