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    How To Keep Your Pet Healthy,Happy and Safe in Your Yard

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      A more affordable pet containment system has just entered the Virginia Fence area. Contain-A-PetTM Electronic Pet Fence for Virginia and all surrounding areas. We have The industry's only one year pet containment guarantee or your money back! The Best Invisible Dog or Pet Fence you will ever Own!! For a Fraction of the cost of an erected fence. **** Prices Starting at $895 product and installation included **** Please visit our Local Virginia Dealership Web page for more information and specials at <a href=" Fence</a> ***********Call Dan Warren 1.804.883.7384 or 1.877.792.7736 to find out more information or to schedule your free estimate appointment today! Also please Check out our Corporate web site <a href="">Electric Dog Fence</a> for more exciting information!************* Contain-A-PetTM Electronic Pet Fence Products Will Give You the Peace of Mind You Deserve ...And Your Pet the Freedom He/She Desires. * Don't you get tired of being the one who has to always supervise your dog or cat? * Are you constantly having to walk your pet. Or should I say, does your pet constantly walk you? * Are you the one always cleaning up the mess left behind? * Wouldn't you love to have a little down time ... no slobbering, barking, jumping, or clamoring for attention? * Do you patrol your home to try to keep your pet from getting into off-limit areas? * Is your furniture and the other treasures in your home being destroyed? * Do you hate to chain or kennel your pet for hours and hours every day? * When you do let your pet out, do you worry about where she is and where she sneaks off to? * Are you are afraid your pet may run off, get lost, hurt or even killed? I am sure you have heard the horror stories from someone you know. You may even have one yourself. The Contain-A-Pet pet fence system which includes the transmitter (wall unit) and the electronic collar (electronic box attached to the collar) is basically a mini computer. The transmitter sends a digital signal through a wire buried around your property. Your dog or cat wears a small receiver that is searching for that signal. Your pet is conditioned to stay in the safe areas of the yard. If your pet gets too close, the collar will activate and give either a tone or a correction/tone depending on the setting. We have an ace in the hole. Contain-A-Pet's background is in pet behavior. We were founded by professional dog trainers that spent the early years of the underground electric dog fence industry (representing Invisible Fence tm in the late 80's) studying pets and working with pet behavior. We knew there was a more effective way to train pets. We customize each pet containment system training program based on your pet's personality and temperament. Contain-A-Pet has embraced the digital age. Our new technology is so advanced that: * Both the electronic collar and the radio controlled fence transmitter contain digital computer processors that will allow up to 2178 program changes to adapt to each pet's personality and your environment. You don't need that much versatility in real life. But it's nice to know its there if you need it. * The electronic receiver collar is powered by a part (transformer) that is built by the company that makes pacemakers for heart transplant patients. Truly made to last with no dangerous side effects. * The radio signal technology in our system is also used in mine seeking technology by our armed forces. No need to worry about the receiver collar activating by random signals. * Our new electronic pet collar series is so advanced it will also count the number of times your pet tests the signal field and adjust the correction automatically to curb your pet's desire to escape. FACT: Did you know that dogs need physical and mental stimulation as well as good nutrition to lead healthy and happy lives? Lean, athletic dogs live longer than inactive dogs. Digestion improves, elimination becomes more regular, dogs become less achy, circulation creates blood flow through the heart and lungs. Everything is better. We install and service the following areas: Richmond, Hanover, Henrico, Short Pump, New Kent, Fredericksburg, Stafford, Spotsylvania, King William, Louisa, Powhatan,Chesterfield, Mechanicsville, Ashland, Glen Allen, Chester, Colonial Heights, Goochland, King George, Bowling Green, Varina, Midlothian, Bon Air, Lakeside, Westend, Southside, Eastend, Northside, Northern Virginia, VA Beach , Rockville, Crozier, Trenholm, Amelia, Manakin Sabot, Gum Spring, Sandston, Caroline County, Charlottesville and many more.