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      Did you know that the popular sites below are known as Web 2.0 sites? Did you know they ALL started just a few years ago? Did you know they're ALL worth over a ...




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      Facebook: Just 5 years old*.* Revenue - $ 300 Million (2008 est.). Started on February 4, 2004. Over 70 million members. Available in 36 languages. Valued at over $11.25 Billion!


      YouTube, LLC: Just 4 years old. bought by Google Inc. for $1.65 Billion. Started February 2005. Available in 22 languages. Owned by Fox Interactive Media. Over 190 million members. Attracts 230,000 new users per day. 2008 revenues of $800 Million!


      *MySpace**:* Just 6 years old. Valued at $2 Billion! Founded in 2003. Available in 15 languages.
      Linkedin: Just 6 years old. 30 million members spanning 150 industries. Started May 2003. $75-100 Million (2008 projected). Valued at over $1Billion!


      Classmates: Just 14 years old. More than 50 million members, including more than 3.8 million pay subscribers. Created in 1995. Ranks as number three in unique monthly visitors. Valued at $1.3 Billon!


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      Clarence Williams