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    Marketing suggestions for Buffalo Wings and Pizza

    Wingman Adventurer
      I'm a relatively new comer to the neighborhood and there are a lot of the major wing and pizza chains in the area.

      Any sugggestions on the type of marketing that I can try? Direct Mailers like CouponCutters and MoneyMailer and similar efforts have had dismal results so far.
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          Techie Wayfarer
          In my neighborhood, I sometimes get mailers in my mailbox when new restaurants come into town. Often they will include coupons on the menu of the place.
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              DomainDiva Ranger
              We found our new dog groomer because she had cards printed up advertising her business and then hired a couple of people to go around within a one mile radius and put these cards on doors. Her cards were really cute and made the advertising point and had a discount offer. That was 4 months ago..her business is growing as well because of the referrals.

              BTW a place called Yummies in Indianapolis has wings and a sauce recipie that kids can handle. Yummies is the only place we go to get wings since they have something for the small ones as well. Just an about a photo of a young child with sauce all over their face and wings in hand? You could call it: Something for ME too.
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              WEBillions Adventurer
              Do you have the NTN trivia game at your location? I love that game! If not, find out if anyone else in the area has it. If no one carries it in your town, you might be able to fill a niche by offering it. It's so much fun!
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                The Expert Adventurer
                1. Advertise on city Guides - is a great place to start

                2. They ( ) have Local fund raisers - and it could be a win win situation for you and local non for profits - try to focus on a non for profit that benefit college kids or a high school or college sports team
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                  LUCKIEST Guide
                  Being a relatively new comer, I hope that you have prepared a BUSINESS PLAN.
                  As far as marketing start by discussing the products and services offered.
                  Identify the customer demands for your products.
                  Identify your market, its size and location.
                  Explain how your Buffalo Wings and Pizza are better and or different from your competition.
                  And finally there is the pricing strategy. Will you run SPECIALS or loss leaders
                  in the beginning to get customers in to your store.
                  Good luck, LUCKIEST
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                    DomainDiva Ranger
                    BTW = by the way.

                    They have hot sauce, teryaki, bar b que and a kids mild sauce that you can request. They also drench their wings you need a load of wet wipes to get through a batch.

                    Why don't you have a neighborhood contest to find the right kid for your ads? You would get plenty of publicity. Be sure to contact an attorney to get the legal eagle stuff worked out.
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                      Faerie Wayfarer
                      DomainDiva's suggestion is excellent. I love wings and often cook them at home - but never order them when out. Why? I don't do spicy. It's really hard to find non-spicy wings in a restaurant. I make them at home with savory seasoning combinations, balsamic vinegar sauces and teriyaki sauces.

                      The idea of being a family fun place is good. Look at ChuckECheese. I'm not saying you should go for the big gaming room but think a place the family can go with great tasting pizza and wings, casual atmosphere and table fun that the whole family could enjoy together.
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                        mgconsulting Newbie
                        Have you tried sampling your wings and pizza at high traffic locations with your target customers? For instance, bring samples to local football game along with coupons for a special grand opening offer.
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                          MobileMktng Newbie
                          Here's a pretty comprehensive list of some strategies and tactics I've assembled for implemenation in the restaurant verticle. Will make a plug for Mobile Text Marketing, visit my site at Great way to drive new customers, track effectiveness of your advertising camapign and utilize to encourage repeat/increased customer visit frequency.




                          Neighborhood Marketing:
                          First and foremost, neighborhood marketing builds sales; it's a specific plan that targets specially selected groups of consumers who live or work within three to five miles of your restaurant. The purpose of this tactic is to drive traffic through special offers and community programs. The small sums of money allotted to local strategies are complementary to the entire marketing plan. But unlike the temporary sales spikes that advertising may yield, neighborhood marketing helps create a loyal customer base that drives long-term sales. It's a marketing philosophy that seeks to build competitor proof relationships with customers and employees without a reliance on mass media advertising.

                          Community Partnerships
                          Examine your target demographic and partner with organizations that interact with those consumers. Look for alliances with families, sports team (college or professional), schools or business professionals. Get involved with the local Chamber of Commerce. Partnering with an area non-profit organization can garner invaluable media coverage and sends a message to the community that you're a good corporate neighbor.

                          Merge Neighborhood Marketing and PR


                          Combining local store marketing efforts with public relations is a cost-effective way of getting your message out to the community. The media exposure that good public relations efforts can generate is far more credible and less expensive than advertising. The more often you publicize your local store marketing efforts, the more likely it is that you will attract the guests you're targeting.

                          *Sponsorship Opportunities*- Annual events, such as charity galas, are always great ways to generate media coverage. And when exposure is generated through positive philanthropic and service activities, people will regard your brand more favorably. Press releases centered on such events are essential.

                          Samplings: This allows consumers to sample several menu items. By sampling the various dishes your restaurant has to offer, they will obtain a better understanding of your menu. The more they try, the more likely they are to find something they really enjoy and, by extension, more likely to tell others about their experience.

                          Word-of-Mouth/Networking: Positive personal referrals are the driving force behind most consumers' initial visits to restaurants. Focus on making contacts whenever possible and generate a "buzz" for your restaurant through the people you meet.

                          Internal PR: Customer retention is vital and, as it happens, is an area where smaller restaurants have a slight advantage over bigger ones. Making a personal connection to customers is one of the best ways to create loyalty and retain customers. Look for ways to make guests feel wanted and welcomed, and they'll reward you with their continued patronage.
                          Simple things like saying ‘hello' or having a manager make the rounds and check on guests are great ways to establish a connection with customers when they're in the restaurant.


                          Email: Create a program that rewards your customers with certificates, birthday specials, etc. when they sign up to receive your e-mails. This will make them more conscious of your brand between visits and the ‘insider deals' will make them feel valued as a customer. All of this adds up to a greater likelihood of long-term business.



                          Latest Marketing Tactics:



                          1. Web and interactive marketing
                          Over the past few years, the use of Web and interactive marketing has increased drastically. This trend is only going to keep growing in 2008 as restaurants take advantage of search engine optimization tools and pay per click offerings. Blogging, Podcasts and YouTube video posts are other popular Web marketing tools. Burger King's popular Subservient Chicken site was one of the first Web campaigns to prove that interactive marketing can be successful for restaurants.


                          2. More viral campaigns
                          Buzz marketing, word-of-mouth campaigns, and ‘stories' will be a big part of restaurant public relations this year. When Starbucks sent a car around Washington D.C. with a coffee cup stuck on the roof, it handed out $5 coupons to "good Samaritans" who notified the driver. This campaign not only created a buzz around town but also received plenty of media coverage, both locally and nationally.


                          3. Increased PR budgets
                          Mass-media advertising is becoming less effective for many smaller restaurants because they can't compete with the larger chains. As a result, many will start dedicating more of their marketing mix budget toward public relations, spending more than the old standard of 5%.


                          4. Larger-than-life PR events
                          When Señor Frog's debuted in the United States with the opening of its first location in Myrtle Beach, it decided to memorialize the event by creating the World's Largest Pair of Underpants and earning a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records. KFC recently created the world's largest logo - 87,500 square feet - becoming the first brand visible from outer-space. You can expect to hear about more larger-than-life PR events and stunts in the coming year, especially from large chains with the budget to support it.


                          5. Niche marketing
                          Hispanics are the fastest-growing minority group in the nation. In 2007 many restaurants will be catering to this demographic by offering authentic Hispanic menu choices, family-oriented promotions and Spanish-language advertisements, in addition to targeting public relations efforts toward Hispanic television and community newspapers.


                          6. Marketing to In-Home Diners
                          Many families are looking for ways to eat together at the dinner table but just don't have the time to create a home-cooked meal. As a result, restaurants will be catering to this segment by offering curbside pickup, catering, delivery, meal-assembly services and other time-saving home-meal replacement options.


                          7. Limited-time offers
                          As the trend toward authentic and ethnic cuisine grows, many restaurants will be experimenting with new menu items in 2008 and will encourage guests to try them through limited-time offers and special promotions.


                          8. Product Placements and Co-op Branding
                          Maximize marketing dollars and exposure by partnering up with vendors with larger budgets for co-op branding efforts.


                          9. Brands with more personality
                          Consumers look to dining as a form of entertainment more and more, restaurants will strive to provide an experience for guests, not just a meal. A restaurant's personality will play a big part of the overall dining experience, as well as your restaurant should reflect a personality, brand and concept at every point that guests come into contact with it. Even the most innovative restaurant needs a little "face-lift" every now and then. Here are some easy ways to refresh your brand.

                          Fine tune with features
                          If the inside of your restaurant seems to lack personality, adding unique features and small personal touches can help it achieve its own individuality. Try adding attention-grabbing finishes to walls, table tops or floors to keep guests intrigued.

                          Menu makeover
                          Adding new dishes to your menu can be a great way to revitalize your brand and keep customers intrigued. Just avoid the temptation to be all things to all guests. If a menu item isn't consistent with the personality of your restaurant, it doesn't belong on your menu. You need to deliver a dining experience that is authentic and connected to who you say you are as a concept.

                          Update uniforms
                          By outfitting your staff with new restaurant uniforms, you can update the look of your entire restaurant. Just as restaurant design trends change over time, so do clothing trends and you don't want to appear outdated. Remember that each member of your staff serves as a walking representative of your brand.
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                            Buffalo Adventurer
                            If you are going to sell Buffalo Wings and Pizza then you need to make sure that the taste is authentic. I suggest that you send me samples (mild wings please) and I will do a quality check and report back to the forum on my findings. :)
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                              Greg Melton Newbie
                              The orignal post was from October 2007. What have you tried and what seems to be working for you?

                              As you head towards the all-time big daddy of pizza/wings season (The Super Bowl of course), sales should be growing. Remember to make an impression on those folks that are almost guaranteed to buy now to keep them buying in the upcoming slower season. You have your captive audience now - make them your lifelong customers!

                              Perhaps you are so busy with all the sales you may not see this post! ;) We can only hope! If not, let us know and we will give you some more of our advice.

                              Greg Melton
                              Founder and CEO
                              Branded Concepts
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                                amynwesley Adventurer
                                When I saw that your post was from October I thought that maybe you had abandoned it or got all the answers and the help that you needed. But I saw some recent posts and decided to drop an answer. My name is Amy Wesley, owner and CEO of Nickels and Dimes Advertising. Like the name suggests we do advertising,mainly the creation of advertisements but no marketing which is what you seem to be struggling with. However if you ever need any more brochure or fliers or business cards created feel free to visit my webite, and send me an email.
                                I have a question for you. What sets your pizza apart from the must be thousands of competitors? Why should someone eat at your restuarant? What is that would make a customer choose your pizza and wings over say Dominoes or Little Caesars? Do you have a special ingredient that you add? Do you provide a kid friendly atmosphere (although I really don't know if it can get any more kid friendly than Chuckie Cheeses unless you put a theme park in your restuarant)? See where I'm going with this.
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                                  MobileMktng Newbie

                                  If you call me, I'll provide you a 1-month trial of Mobile Text Marketing for FREE, no strings attached... we can talk about ways of promoting it utilizing your current as well enhanced advertising strategies.

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                                    designer Tracker
                                    I would suggest that you try special coupons so that when customers order and receive their food, stapled to the bag would be a coupon or "credit". You can have an offer that when customers save 20 coupons, they are entilted to a FREE large pizza with 2 topings of their choice or the Buffalo wings. It may help with repeat business as customers try to save the coupons and work their way towards the free prize.
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                                      tatiana83003 Wayfarer
                                      You definately have to promote upcoming sports events. I guarentee that your place will be filled.
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                                          puzzleman Tracker
                                          Everyone here has some great ideas for you. One thing to remember is that marketing is like pushing a car up a hill. It hard and slow to start with but gets easier as you keep pushing and get others to help. But when you stop pushing the car will roll back to the bottom of the hill and you have to start all over again.

                                          My idea would be to give free samples. I'm not sure how it would work but if you're feeling a financial pinch, through caution to the wind and go for it. Broadcast it big. give samples to radio stations (preferable sports talk, as they like to eat as well as talk). Put someone in a chicken suit on the street with a big sign saying free wing samples with purchase of a pizza. Go zany. Shoot for the moon. You don't have to spend lots of cash to promote. Give product away. It's cheaper. Plus it gets your product out there.

                                          How about putting coupons on the back of grocery store receipts? How about someone in a Luigi costume to promote your pizza and free wing samples? How about do enough of these things that a local TV station notices and puts you on the wacky part of the show. How about someone in a chicken suit riding around on the back of a Harley type motorcycle or a motorcycle with a sidecar with a sign saying "Check out my wings at....." or " Free Chick! See more at......" . Things like this don't cost much money.

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                                          usarose1 Newbie
                                          As a Pizza Delivery Expert for one of the "Big Boys" of Pizza. I recommed door hanging it is cheap, good exercise and it works. But then comes the question do you market before you are staffed for it or do you get staffed for it then doorhang? The bottom line is if you do not give the customer the opportiunity to know you are in their market they are not going to buy from you.

                                          If you have a computer that you enter the order into make sure you get their email so you can send them an opt in newsletter on the monthly specials you are running.

                                          Also banner shaking works.

                                          Matt in Charlotte
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                                            conceptgroup Newbie
                                            Good god man, don't fall into the trap of relying on coupons and traditional advertising to build your business or brand!!!!

                                            Spend some time clearly differentiating what makes your operation and product superior and unique -- then tell that story in compelling terms, get involved locally, build alliances, do some charity work.

                                            Coupons and trying to advertise your way into more business show weakness and don't do your brand any favors at all.

                                            We've been doing restaurant marketing and operations for over 100+ collective years. Visit our site (below) for more tips and articles that may help you.

                                            You're special....make that clear and shout it loud!


                                            Tom Kelley
                                            Managing Partner
                                            Concept Branding Group