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    Creating a business plan

    zoysite100 Newbie
      I am a bridge jewelry designer and would like to present my creations to retailers in my area by using my business plan as a presentation along with my samples. The problem is I don't know how to start the business plan. I know the basic outline of a business plan. The problem is marketing. I would like to sell to professional women between the ages of 35-60 years of age. I will do custom orders and one-of-a-kind pieces, special occassions, bridal parties, jewelry parties. My designs are made with precious metals, semi precious stones, wood, crystals, high quality glass and pearls.
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          snipperred Scout
          I think it serves a business well to involve its strategy through its allied business partners. However, presenting a business plan doesn't sound right to me for this case. I am actually developing business plans to interface with my markets on, but have a methodical design to that system.

          I would think you need to work with a more conventional presentation. If you have special selling points that stand out and are potentially attractive, then package your presentation as such. Maybe a brochure or if more comprehensive then a presentation folder with tiered inserts.

          Since you were suggesting use of business plans this way, I think there are two concentional uses you should make sure you are familiar with first before moving forward. 1) Financing the business 2) Managing/ Operating the business.

          I was interested in your target market. I didn't realize there might be a niche for professional business women jewelry, but it kind of makes sense if you consider the niche of female professional attire. You could probably do well to specialize in that market niche and perhaps that gives you avenues for direct marketing your customized design services. Off that you might be able to have an available catalogue of contemporary or standardized designs, etc. The subject itself could make for some premium content too. What is it that makes some fashioning of jewelry better or worse for women?

          Yes, you probably want to do better than showing samples to retailers. A proposal should make clear what is in it for them and answer some basic questions they normally ask of line vendors. Maybe you can deliver in such a way that makes an impact on their business. Perhaps you can link them in to your content etc, thereby drawing traffic to their stores. These are all kind of bottom line pitch points that don't require a full-blown business plan to get across.


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            LUCKIEST Guide
            Creating a business plan, Welcome

            YES you are a jewelry designer. Do you have a FIRST name?? Where are you located??
            Go to Members page and share some info ESPECIALLY how I can contact you. Email?? Phone??

            snipperred had good answers, I will take a different approach.
            YES I can help you develop both a Business and Marketing Plan (FREE).

            Talk to me, LUCKIEST
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