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    Writing To Sell, Learn The Power Of Persuasion

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      Landing pages are the sale force of your website. An effective landing page will sell your products or services like hot bread merely by the correct use of information, words and structure. The principle of the landing page is that content is king; forget about distractions: images, videos, audios, advertisements, links to other pages and any other element which may take the reader's attention off the text. You can realize how catchy, intelligent, clear and practical this text must be in order to get someone's attention and actually get him or her to buy something out of it.

      Of course, there are professionals who can produce masterpieces out of a blank piece of paper, but if you own a small website and take care of it by yourself, it is not impossible for you to master this art too.

      There is a basic system that can help anyone enhance their writing abilities, specially if you wish to write a piece capable of convincing someone to buy a specific product or service from your website.

      This five step system is called POWER: Prepare, Organize, Write, Edit and Review. Follow these steps and measure how it enhances your writing and persuasion skills.

      First step- Prepare
      Relevant and intelligent information is vital for writing a good piece, and a great way to gather quality information is by asking questions. Thoroughly answer questions in regards to your product or service's description, purpose, price, features, benefits, competition, guarantee, the business, the prospects, weaknesses, goals, the offer, deadlines, requirements, payment method, ordering method and any other important aspect, to guarantee you have lots of material to work with.

      Second step- Organize
      After gathering lots of information, you have to organize it. Write down notes on the essential facts, these will produce ideas and will give you focus to help you write your piece. Several of the points in your questions' list are essentials for this step: description, purpose, price, features, benefits, guarantee, prospect, goals, offer, deadline, payment method and ordering method. These points will guide your writing.

      Third step- Write
      You are ready to write. Choose a headline based on what you wish to show as focal point: your main benefit, offer, deadline, price, prospect, ordering method, description and guarantee. Try several headlines and choose the best way to present it for your product or service, does it serve you better if it is a direct approach, a news headline, a how- to guide, a question, a command, gives information or is a testimonial?

      Afterwards, write sub- heads (description, benefits, features, offer, deadline and guarantee, among others) to expand on your headline, use active voice and showcase a benefit in each one of them.

      The body of your piece will be the detailed and direct explanation of each sub- head. This should be easy if you have nailed your headlines and sub- heads as you will have an awesome guide. Just write about all you know about your product or service.

      Remember that virtual readers scan texts, so their main attention will be on the headlines, if those catch his or her interest, they will move to read the rest, so take your time when developing them.

      Now is the time to work on the call to action. Check ordering method, offer, price, deadline and guarantee you find the best way to approach this. Be clear, direct and encouraging.

      Fourth step- Edit
      Clean your writing, leave only what adds value to the message you want to convey. Get rid of complicated parts and ensure every word counts.

      Confirm that your headline is catchy, well targeted, clear and enticing, that your sub- heads effectively develop on the headlines, that the body of your piece shows useful facts and that what you want your clients to do is clear.

      Fifth step- Review
      Forget about your piece for some days; then pick it up and read it, afterwards, show it to five persons and measure their responses. If after five seconds they do not get it, is not good. Check headlines, clarify the offer and give straight ordering directions.

      Make a list of the weaknesses in your piece. Be very honest and write it to work. Open your mind to new angles in order to enhance your writing, do not get attached to one way of writing, get out of your comfort zone and enrich your experience.

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