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    Go Viral! The 36 Top Viral Posts on Digg, YouTube, & REDDIT

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      Below is an article that I have recently written for that discusses the top rated posts on some of the biggest social influencers online... Digg, YouTube, and Reddit. I felt that this would be useful for others to read as well, as many businesses are trying to learn how to use these marketing channels to thier advantage. I excluded the full list due the the length, but you can click here: to see the full lists of the most "Viral" posts from each site, as well as the traffic they obtained and links to each one. Enjoy!


      Learn To Go Viral! The 36 Most Viral Posts on Digg, YouTube, and Reddit


      Are you looking to go "viral"? Companies and individuals are flocking to the web in masses in an effort to try and find ways to leverage social media and social bookmarking websites in order to promote their own online presence and growth. Everyone from small businesses, to bloggers, to politicians, to Fortune 500 companies have realized the growing importance and potential of these channels of marketing. If history is any indicator of the future then, it is important for those looking to leverage this medium to analyze other people's successes in these areas. Below is a compilation of roughly 40 of the most viral media and articles posted on the web in the past year across 3 of the most influential websites in the social bookmarking/media field; Digg, Youtube, and Reddit. Following this list is a brief analysis of the results of this search, and suggestions of what those looking to take advantage of these marketing channels can gain from these observations.


      So, without further delay, here is the list: (Please view to view the entire list of the most viral contributions, as well as the traffic each one gained, and links to each... it's really a quite interesting list)


      Analysis of the list:


      So, what does this list of the most "viral" posts in the last year tell us? Right off the bat, there are certainly some differences in the types of thing that climb to the top of the list based on the site we are analyzing. Whereas Digg seems to be far more focused on news articles, specifically political ones, Youtube is dominated by music videos which have been uploaded by major record labels. In fact, 8 of the top 12 voted for videos are "official" music videos for popular artists.



      While this seems obvious due the the nature of YouTube (that is... posting videos), note that people are not posting top 10 videos of news casts talking about political and newsworthy issues. Would it not be just as easy to post a video of Obama's Inauguration, or new casts exclaiming that he has won the election? This would be equivilent to the top stories on Digg and Reddit. Equally important is the observation that the vast majority of the top 14 Digg articles are not linking to the latest music video for today's hottest pop artists. Rather, these articles appear to be far more geared towards more serious subjects such as politics. Perhaps one can explain the political nature of the top posts by the fact that 2008 was an election year, and a huge one in terms of media and promotion. However, no fewer than 6 of the top 14 Digg posts within the last year (2 of which occupy the top 3) are all political in nature. Conversely, not a single 1 of the top 12 Youtube videos over the past year are political in nature. I don't believe that the nature of Youtube is enough to explain this difference in subject matter. Rather, I believe it is due to the nature of the audience.



      Where does Reddit fall into the mix? It appears that, based on the top 10 highest voted posts in the last year, Reddit is largely political at this time as well as 6 of the top 10 posts in the last year are politically driven.



      So, all of this being said, what can be learned from this list with regard to utilizing these channels to market your own company or blog? If your commenting on current events, politics, or more "newsworthy" content... you should aim your sites at Digg or Reddit. Write articles commenting on current events, and calling for other people's opinions. If you are a small business, write an article about how the stimulus package effects small businesses. If you are a web development company, it may be a good time to make and post some politically charged desktop wallpapers, and aim your sites at one of these social bookmarking sites. On the other hand, more comical or entertainment driven content may find a better home on youtube, or other social networking sites dealing strictly with this niche. In other words, pick your audience. This article of course, only brushes the surface of the analysis that can be done on these, and other social websites... so before posting and determining your strategy, be sure to take a look at what contributions are gaining the vast majority of the audience's attention on a given site.