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    Small Businesses CAN Finally Compete Online!

    FlAdMan Adventurer
      I would like to say a bit about Local Business and Internet marketing.

      It seems that local businesses leave themselves out of a HUGE market; the online advertising market.


      1. It is normally too expensive for them to advertise with brand name websites because they charge per click which decreases any profit that would have been made on a sale from that click.

      2. They feel undermatched against the larger companys in the marketplace.

      3. They feel like they need to focus on local business because online business is not local and they will never actually see any of those people.

      4. They are set in their ways and do not want to change their advertising methods.

      Well everything is going to change for them soon! They can now place a personalized add, with pictures, photos, videos, even coupons on along with 14 million business for less than $200 per month! Not only is their ad on the business directory with their website link, if they have one, but we will rotate your ad on sites like Google, Yahoo, Ask, Myspace, Facebook, and hundreds more!!

      So as you can see(responses to the reason they leave themselves out):
      1. It is not too expensive- max $200/month compared to upwards of thousands if you dealt with other directory's and search engines.

      2. They are not overmatched because their as is right next to the other as that has to pay Google $3 if you click on it, but yours was 1 price the entire month.

      3. Everyone searches online for LOCAL businesses to go to. We give them directions, address, numbers, photos, videos.....where do would you go? Probably to the place that has everything right there for you, and it is down the street from your home.

      4. You do not need to change your advertising methods, just add this stream in order to BRAND YOUR COMPANY. Ex: In the magazine ad that you have been running for 10 years it will now say, " catch us online at".

      So as you can see, there is no reason that the Small Local Business can't compete with the Big Businesses that currently dominate the online market.

      Thank you for taking the time to read this, I hope it helps all small business owners and online entrepreneurs. For more detailed information about this fantastic advertising stream, please visit my website

      Hardy Short