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    wanna SELL

    Swerte8 Newbie
      if i wanna sell my invention, and not start a company of my own. how would i go about in just selling my idea to companies that have the asset to produce the final product while i collect the pay check?
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          wanna SELL, HERE we go AGAIN

          First go to Members page and tell us who you are, share some info.

          What kind of an invention. I need INPUT for my crystal ball

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              Swerte8 Newbie

              i really dont want to expose myself in the net, due to my current occupation im not even supposed too, especially when "Unlce Sam" say so. please understand.

              i really dont know if its a good idea putting my invertion out in the open exposed for all to see for there are people out there just waiting to grab someones idea!!!

              all im asking is, how do i come across the companies to sell them my invention?