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    Children Stories to get published

    corrine2056 Newbie
      I am looking for someone out there that is honest
      And would like to invest in my books I have written, they teach children lessons in each of my books.
      They are nothing like the other children stories on the market today, except Dr Susse, his stories teach children in a simple way.

      My stories do that in them as well
      • I feel my books will sell well, once they are seen by parents, and schools.I have written 4 children stories and which I don't have the money to.
      OK a little about myself I have been writing for over 20 years I am a artist so the art work in my books I will do or my daughter.
      Now the reason I need help in getting my books published, I have Multiple Sclerosis and it hits me hard at times and other times not.

      See God gave me this wonderful gift and I want to get my stories out there to help children.
      By spreading the Magic in my stories to all the children all over the world. I have written 4 stories and I can write more stories to go along with the four I have written
      The other book I am writing is a young adult story which is 249 pages at this time.
      And this story teach people how to open there eyes and there mind.

      • in order to get my books published I need $ 5,000. or more if someone \\ could help I will give them 45% of the profit the sales of my books*
      • I need to find a person that has marketing connections see you never know maybe Nickelodeon may like my stories

      Corrine DuBois
      (203) 440-4501