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    Link Building For Dummies

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      The crucial aspect to know about link building is that it translates into value online. It is an exclusive tool of the virtual world to denote influence, importance and contribution. You get top quality links when you provide the same kind of quality and contributions for your clients and industry.

      Link building takes hard work and there are numerous ways to achieve it with intelligence and creativity. If you nail it, you can guarantee not only high quality traffic, but top search engine positions. Superior link building provides valuable clients, serious credibility and important ranking, but ensure you found your linking strategy in people, not search engines, since people's interests guide search engines' strategies.

      Where to start? In a vast virtual universe of links, the first step is to separate good links from bad ones. Identify the value inherent in every link you consider.

      A worthy link is characterized by the following:

      The secret strives in identifying worthy complementary links within your industry. Check for Google top results in your niche, authority sites, blogs, directories, mailing lists, forums and social sites; analyze websites and make a decision based on how well those links enhance your products or services. In this way you are guaranteeing straight communication with your main market.
      Follow a structure when dealing with link building, try the easy ways first and slowly advance towards the most elaborate and costly options. Start by looking for quality general directories, classifieds and organizations, which are easy to access and will not cost too much.

      When you are ready; expose yourself to forums, blogs, email lists and social media; in here, you will have to ensure you can keep a good website quality level in general. Afterwards, you may be interested in exploring article sites, niche directories and guest blog postings, where your expertise and relevance will be confirmed.

      At this point, you are ready to work on social media marketing and public relations, by creating a page on facebook, myspace or any other powerful media; after which you are in the big leagues. Here you can adventure yourself to contact influential sources, only to move ahead to authority websites like universities, government, non- profits, libraries and any other specialized source which will commonly be very professional and not commercial.

      In the end, the secret to earning your place among any of these sources is to provide high quality content in your website through information, products or services that are special and precious. Give value to get it back. It is as easy as that or... is it as difficult as that??

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