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    Service Magic? Good For Increased Business, or not?

    candi58 Wayfarer
      Hi everyone!
      Have any of you heard of Service Magic? It is a business that refers customers to other businesses. I own a small residential & commercial cleaning business. Business is still doing well, but there is always room for more new customers. Service Magic said that they charge a 1X fee of $99.00 to join. And then they charge $13.00 for every lead or referral that they send to me. I have asked them what happens if that lead does not sign on? Do I still pay that $13.00? I just sent them an email this morning. I'm just afraid that they will send me 100 leads and if only a few sign on, then I would still have to pay SM $13.00 for each lead. That's a lot of money for a small business. What do you all think? Would it benefit a small business such as mine? And have any of you used Service Magic, or are a member of SM. Thank you.
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          hrnllc Newbie
          I actually have a business that is similar to Service Magic. The BIG difference is that we do not charge, until the referral we bring to the contractor is COMPLETED. That is a huge difference. I actually did not know about service magic until some of the contractors in our network informed me that they were once with SM and left because of the reasons you indicated below.
          Check out our website at and let me know if you are interested.

          Take care
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            Hi candi58,

            The leads are an opportunity to bid or sell against the other businesses that the lead will be sent to as well. If you are used to this type of selling you may do well. You are smart to think about the volume of leads in relation to your ability to respond. If you are competitive and an agressive closer and can handle the potential volume of price shopping leads it may be a great opportunity. If any of this doesn't really fit your style or business philosophy you may want to consider other marketing. Best of luck and please don't hesitate to contact me for promotional advice.

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