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    !!! Start your Own Callshop, And wholesale business

    voipaxis Newbie

      Dear Friends:

      Want to setup VOIP company, a business under your own brand name? We have complete solution to launche VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) company. All support comes included.


      Basically all kind of services that are available in the market. We always observe and follow the current trends in technology trying to react timely to changing customers demand by enhancing our system and adding new features.

      VoIP Platform Features


      • Ø Codecs and Devices:
      • Ø Compatible with the following codecs: 711, 729 and 723, and GSM.
      • Ø Compatible with any SIP-standard device.
      • Ø Compatible with mobile handsets, Fring and any mobile handset application.
      • Ø Device configuration will not reference platform supplier.




      • Ø Full least cost routing capabilities.
      • Ø Quality of service routing (routing a specific destination based on quality stats).
      • Ø Sending alerts when a route falls below a pre-established quality threshold.




      • Ø Compatible with call terminators registering via account and PIN and IP address.
      • Ø Simulate Asterisk when registering.




      • Ø Handle pre-paid and post-paid customers.
      • Ø Capable of handling unlimited, buckets of minutes and out of plan calls.
      • Ø Capable of adding, removing, zeroing credits from selected customers automatically.




      • Ø Handling multiple currencies.
      • Ø Handling multiple languages (especially English and Spanish).
      • Ø Customer management portal.
      • Ø Create accounts and recharge codes: individually and batches.
      • Ø Integrated CRM.




      • Ø Handle wholesale - retail and bonus resellers.
      • Ø Multiple reseller levels.




      • Ø Automatically generate invoices on order.
      • Ø Order is automatically fulfilled when by platform when order payment is received.
      • Ø Integrated with Authorize.Net and Paypal.
      • Ø Handle referrals.


      Service Features:


      • Ø Recharge codes.
      • Ø Send and receive faxes.
      • Ø Credit and minute announcements.
      • Ø Call back with ANI recognition, SMS callback and web call back.
      • Ø Call Shop management features.
      • Ø VoIP-tunnel.
      • Ø Full Reporting Capabilities by Total, Partial as well as Customer




      • Ø Minutes used total, partial, by destination and by account
      • Ø Revenue generated total, partial, by destination and by account
      • Ø Balance by account
      • Ø Automatic low balance by account


      Contact us if you are interested.

      Thank you,

      If interested Please Contact:


      Email us at:



      Or call us at:
      +14259980504, +13607173452