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    SMLLC Quarterly Taxes

    Davecore Wayfarer
      I just started my SMLLC in February and with March 15 coming up soon, I was wondering:

      Do I have to pay anything since I have not technically made anything yet, only expenses right now?

      Do I have to report my day job salary on that or not since my job withholds all my necessary taxes?

      I should be keeping my personal life (day job) seperate from my business life (business income) right? So logically I shouldn't include my day job income on the quarterly estimated taxes right?

      Like I said this is my first time starting a business and I know everyone says I need a Accountant, but I dont plain on making any money at the moment until everything is up in running; for now I have a friend of the family that is a CFO of a business who is helping me; but he's on vacation right now so I came to the forums for y'alls hopefully sound advice.