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    Funding for new small "green business" focused on families?

    EarthMommy Newbie
      My small business will benefit my local community but also encourage a greener, healthier lifestyle that will soon benefit our global community. Our focus is to provide wellness classes to families, mostly mothers that will give them tools to support each other, live more sustainably, and raise their children. Our center is going to be a "green" educational play center that focuses on children ages 0-5 but also has the wellness programs during evenings and weekends for the parents. My challenge i that I am finding most Angel Investors and other lending options want to focus on technology, internet based, or manufacturing companies. Our community consists of mostly middle class, young professionals that are starting their families. The opportunity of lease space that I am working with is within the local community center the Society Hill area of Philadelphia. I am wanting to open a business that serves the families in my community. All of these things should be a benefit to me yet I am not finding the correct resources. Can anyone lead me in the right direction? I do have my business plan, I have filed for my LLC/ FEIN/ city licensing, and I am seeking out the SBA for my area. The challenge is as a single mother that was recently laid off my income is now 25% of what it was before now that I living on unemployment and I need support with startup seed money to pay for the fees and to have the down payment to obtain my larger loan. Are there Angels that would be interested in small loans that give rate of return and quick repayment for a community based service business like mine?