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    College Student Starting Revolutionizing Franchise

    venture2k9 Wayfarer
      Hi, My name is Matt I will have a huge business with a proving business model that has an untapped market in Texas. This business with the help of a Local Website Designer will revolutionize the way e commerce is conducted, since the birth of

      I am a senior at the University of Texas- San Antonio with a major in Economics and Public Relations. I have worked in the banking industry for 9 years, since the age of 16. I have had an idea that is "shovel ready" it will be a joint venture between the website studio and my LLC.

      We will have a fully functional and licensed software that is able to be franchised, throughout the United States.

      Is there anyone out there that will let me know where I can get the initial capital to make this dream a reality>?

      The initial investment needed is roughly around 10k and will turn a profit in as little as 2 months after its implementation.

      Asking in Good Faith