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    Debonair1234 Wayfarer

      Talking to a couple of Programmers and Script writers. I am trying to start an Online Social Networking Site. I am just curious onto how to go about it. I want to be able to own the scripts and programs written for the site. Does anyone have any clarification about this venture?
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Online Community, Welcome

          Two suggestions. If I wanted to start an Online Social Networking Site, I would develop both a Business and marketing Plan.
          I would also contact SCORE online. SCORE is FREE and you can choose the counselor with the right background and they will answer you. SCORE also has a FREE Virtual Learning Center

          Good luck, LUCKIEST
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            VarlooDesign Wayfarer
            Have you seen Ning?

            I have worked extensively with it when I was working for a newspaper and it was great. Let me know if you need any help and I can help customize or point you in the right direction. Good luck,

            nate ernst
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              vlakh01 Wayfarer
              Hi there,

              I think your idea for a social networking site is great – it is the single fastest growing segment on the web.

              As far as ownership of the codes and scripts are concerned, I would recommend that you put together a contract in simple language highlighting that you are hiring them and that the work product is being paid for by you. A clause should also specify the ownership of the intellectual property that is created and specify you as the owner.

              Don’t make the mistake of assuming that copyright laws will protect you on this either –if you devise something unique and want to protect it, make sure that you have that mentioned in the contract as well.

              When you begin looking for financing, incorporations and other issues relating to your business visit this forum and our website for tons of free resources.

              Good luck.