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    Microsoft Offering *Free* Small Business Coaching

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      Below is an article that I have recently written on my blog at regarding a free service that Microsoft claims to be offering for Small Businesses migrating to the Windows Vista Platform. I though you would all find it interesting, being a small business forum. You can view the entire blog post and comments at . Enjoy!

      Microsoft Offering Free Small Business Coaching and Vista Services

      Are you a late adopter of the new Microsoft Vista OS? Thinking about upgrading? Well Microsoft, so it seems, would like to help you and your small business transition from the legacy Microsoft OS (Windows XP) to the newest flavor of windows (Windows Vista). Buried in the bowels of Microsoft's Vista launch website is an offer which may be of interest to small business owners looking to migrate to the new operating system, or acquiring hardware running the Vista OS.

      Microsoft states that it is offering FREE coaching and support for any small businesses acquiring the Vista OS between the dates of July 1st, 2008 through May 31st, 2009. Small business owners can call 866-613-0270 before or after purchasing the software to discuss the decision with a representative. The support services are not what interest me terribly. I would expect that a company like MS would offer support for their operating system. It is the new "Window Vista Business Assurance" program that interests me, as well as the claim of free small business "coaching".

      Free Microsoft Small Business Coaching

      I would expect that this "service" is more of a sales pitch for how to use Windows Vista to help manage and run your small business. There is likely also much emphasis in these conversations about other Microsoft products that you can use to help (such as their Microsoft Dynamics CRM software). You will likely get statistics thrown at you, such as the statistics listed on their launch site touting that "62% of small businesses said Windows Vista saves them time, and 70% said that it makes them more productive, according to an independent survey." However, if there is any value to this coaching that they are offering (perhaps your small business actually would benefit from the use of many of their front and back office tools), it might be worth taking a few minutes to call and chat with them. After all, the price tag on this service is FREE. At that price, any knowledge gained on how to more effectively run and manage your small business is a bargain!

      So, if you have upgraded to Vista in the timeframe mentioned above, or are thinking about doing so, why not take advantage of this free service. Once you have called in, reply to this post and let us know if there is any value to be gained by spending a few minutes of your day on this free "coaching" that Microsoft is offering.

      For more information regarding how Microsoft feel that Vista is beneficial to small businesses, you can view their Vista for Small Business Website at:

      Closing Note: I have recently heard that Microsoft is currently in Beta for Windows 7, the predecessor to Vista. Given that this is the case, I would expect that Vista may not be around that much longer... however, it would still certainly be more cost effective to migrate from Vista to Windows 7, then from XP to Windows 7 I would assume. Stay tune to the blog for more information on how Microsoft proposes to help small businesses via the new Windows 7 OS.

      Please note: This is not an endorsement of Windows Vista, rather I am just passing on information that I saw and thought might be useful to small business owners.