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    Marketing trade show design and build services

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      What would be an attractive added value that I could offer to prospects to gat a stronger consideration when I am up against larger builders that offer the same product as I do?

      My company "Dzign Displays" is a small trade show exhibit house, we build trade show displays. I find that people might lean towards a larger exhibit house just for a comfort factor of the resources that they have.
      My company occupies a 20,000 sf facility and produces some of the finest displays built; we do a lot of overflow work for the larger exhibit houses as well as our own.
      I find the sell easier if I am able to get the client to come to my facility, but many times they do not.
      We do a lot of portable display sales, again directly competing with manufacturers of the systems.
      We did try a larger web presence, offering really aggressive KIT pricing...It worked to increase volume...but, the client that shops for the cheapest on the block also usually needs the most help. I have the problem of trying to do the best job; regardless of my margins...It's a curse.

      Any Ideas?

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          WEBillions Adventurer
          Free stuff, interesting props, and knowledgeable and nice people at your events. The first two are things that get people to come to your booth. People love free stuff. Do you have any promotional items with a building theme. A cheap thing would be a measuring tape with your company name on it. Also have props. Do you have any models of the work you've done. I would want to go see that.

          Finally, you can to convince your customer to buy from you by having personable and knowledgeable people to talk to them. I don't know how many times I've walked away disappointed when I've come over to a booth just to find someone who has even less idea than I do what they are selling.
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            DomainDiva Ranger
            Have you tried contacting the various show coordinators and offering your services that way?

            Our company will start attending shows in 2009 and and we are looking for someone to do the set design and set up for us. We are way too busy with the technology to have to take that on as well.

            Keep up the quality, as soon as you really break in clients will see the value. For us, we will be attending some international shows so we will need someone that can travel, get the equipmeent in, have a translator there as well and be there for us throughout the show to make sure things are running smoothly.

            Do you offer special circumstance set ups for audio, video internet streaming?
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                We do have clients that require our people to go to the installs to manage a smooth installation, I have gone to Germany, Amsterdam, Singapore and Paris on that type of service level.

                As far as AV and steaming, we have alliance partners that we use to facilitate those types of applications, Let us know if you would like a consultation, I would be more than happy to help.
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                score81 Adventurer

                Trade show bigger the better with lot of publicity. I agree with you. But it does not mean you can not win. You can win easily if you concentrate the following:

                1. Find out what special feature they are not offering in their show.
                2. Concentrate your advertisemet on those special events.
                3. Get help from big shot in the industry to come and speak for half hour.
                4. Stress more on coupon then anything else.
                5. Make people put card in jar and every hour select winner for one gift.
                6. Every body comes get pen and note book with show name written on it.
                7. Advertise in local paper heavily.


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                  puzzleman Tracker
                  You stated that people buy when they come to your shop. Since you are in the display business, make a display of your shop and bring it to them. Have a slide show of your shop and completed products. Have a slide show of a booth design from design to building to quality control to finished product. There are several ways to bring your shop to the customer.