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    Can anyone compare to UCAs $19.95 a month Dental Plan?

    aamoore Wayfarer
      Hi all! Compare our $19.95 a month Dental Plan to the Competition and see why we are second to none! Go to and go to UCA Enrollment, when you are finished looking below!

      UCAs $19.95 a month Dental Plan Overview

      Utilizing Aetna Dental Access TM network (65,000+ providers)
      Discount Drug Card (80% of pharmacies accept our card)
      Prescription Drug (Mail-Order Service)
      Eye Care - Glasses - Frames - Laser (12,000+ locations)
      Contact lens Discount (all brands)
      Hearing Doctors and Facilities (1,400+ locations)
      Hearing Aids & Repairs
      800# Health Info Library (2,100+ topics)
      Alternative Natural medicine providers (40+ modalities)
      Chiropractic Network (4,000+ providers)
      24/7 Registered Nurse 800# (phone line)
      Medical Supplies & Equipment

      Your Dental plan also comes with:

      (1) Legal
      Legal Service (20,000+ lawyers)
      Free Consultations on New Matters
      Free Legal Document Review (up to 6 pages)
      Free Will with Annual Updates
      Free Letters & Calls on your behalf
      Cap $125 Lawyer's Hourly rate
      Traffic - Divorce - Small Claims - Bankruptcy - Corporate

      (2) UCA Resource Directory
      Access over 150 Resources: health news, Free printable Coupons, Free Credit reports, "Free Stuff," Stop Junk Faxes, Block Telemarketers, Finance, Sex Offenders, Hoaxes and Scams, Computer Virus help, Dumb Laws, FCC & much more.

      (3) Member Services
      Shopping Service (300,000+ retailers)
      2.5 cents - 3 cents Long Distance & 800 # (home or business)
      24/7 Live Computer Tech Support Service
      Moving Truck and Van rentals
      FTD Discount Flowers
      Discount Magazines

      (4) Pet Care & Vet Savings
      Pet Care & Supplies (2,500+ Vets)

      (5) Travel Savings Club
      Airline Tickets
      Luxury Packages
      Honeymoon Packages
      Special Deals
      Car rentals
      Truck - Van & Car rentals

      (6) Entertainment
      Dining Certificates (Local & National)
      Hot Ticket Source (for all events)
      Movie Chains - IMAX (ticket savings)
      Theme Park Tickets (discounts)

      (7) Beauty & Fitness
      Club Lifestyle program
      Gyms - Fitness Center 1,500+ locations)
      Spa and Beauty

      Thank you all for reading!

      Ainsworth Moore
      UCA Independent Business Rep.