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    Start Your Candle Business

    Nataliescents Wayfarer

      Do you love Candles? Start you own Candle Business with the safest Candles around, Our Candles are Wickless, Smokeless, and Flameless, what better way to show friends and family how to scent their home the safe way.


      We have a Brand New Catalog coming out March 1st with beautiful Warmers to match any Decor; plus we offer over 80 different scents.


      Why Join Scentsy? You notice something different about Scentsy the first time you smell it- it's simple! An elegant ceramic warmer, a highly fragrant scent bar, and with a simple flick of the switch, your room is filled with one of Scentsy's unique fragrances.




      Whether it's our opportunity, our parties or our products, simply Plug in, Turn on and Enjoy




      Real Products, Real People, Real Income, Real Fun!




      We've worked with consultant to develop the right direct-sales program for today's generation:


      *Products sold at real prices


      *Generous compensation for leadership


      *Free shipping on party orders $150.00 or more


      *No Credit card fees


      Go to click on Start A Business I will train you and also get free online training

      Have A Scentsational Day!