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    Is there anyone who knows about selling a business?

    EDRecoverCntr Newbie

      I am new here and considering selling my Eating Disorder Center. I am new to this prospect and any direction or advice would be appreciated. As I have researched thus far the fact that another facility in the area sold this year is a positive. After 30 years I am potentially burnt out with this arena and would like to consider a less intense career path. Frankly dealing with life and death situations is wearing at this point in my life. The years I spent getting to this place required a significant amount of work, determination, and talent. I have built an excellent reputation within the community and our facility produces individuals who truly recover from eating disorders.

      Any help, thoughts, suggestions you might have would be greatly appreciated. Not that it matters but I am a female.
      Thank you in advance


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          FCPainter Adventurer
          I can offer a little advice, but I am not an expert. I have looked into selling a business before, and previously made an effort to buy a business. So, here's a few bits of advice

          1. You can list your business with a number of online brokers. I think a big one is, but that is not to be considered an endorsement.

          2. Secondly, you should probably think through your network of contacts and network until you find either a) some people who might be interested in buying it or b) some people who would be good at spreading the word that you might sell

          3. Some people have luck in selling to their employees or their biggest competitors. For employees, you may need to think about offering them financing. With a competitor, you may risk getting underpaid a bit and the downside of them learning you may be on the market.

          Let us know how it goes.
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            Armin Laidre Adventurer

            The overall process can be segmented into 4 steps:

            1. Checking your status
            2. Preparing for sale
            3. Going to market
            4. Closing the deal

            Each of these key steps, in turn, contain some substeps. So it may sound a bit over-structured, but it helps you to stay focused and avoid costly mistakes on the whole journey.

            You can learn more about the sale process on ExitAdviser, an FSBO website devoted to small business owners selling their companies.