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    I need more targeted traffic driven to my site!

    VBElectronics Newbie
      Hey everyone,

      This site looks like a great place to bounce ideas. I just recently joined and might have a job for someone out there. I have been running an ecommerce site for 8 months now. I jumped in head first without much preperation and have been relatively successful. It is now Feb and christmas has passed and I am looking to A) Optimize my site and B) Grab more traffic. I have been using Adwords mainly and racked up a nice bill over the past months. Since the past months have been crazy, I haven't had much time to reflect and really figure out if this is even gonna work long-term. I currently am running a basic yahoo store template, which has been simple and cost effective. My traffic is nearly 80-90% all adwords driven and I know some of my competitors are getting by paying less because they have been at it longer and they have optimized their sites and are getting more natural clicks. I have also been pricing websites offering SEO and advertising strategies and management. Most of the sites I have looked into seem to be way out of my price range and I just dont have enough info about most of them to truly trust paying that kind of money and I wont pay that kind of money. Recommendations of cost effective companies offering some of these different features that you have used in the past would be great. I am basically looking to drive more traffic per month to my site.

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          redefyned1 Wayfarer
          Hello VBElectronics. What is your current website and what are the keywords you are trying to capitalize on? You may be able to make some minor modifications yourself and save a lot of money.

          I'm sure you will find a lot of people in here willing to throw their services at you and give you a price. At the same time, there will be people who offer you advice so you can do it yourself.

          If you choose to make modifications yourself, which are quite easy for the most part, then there are several SEO forums out there that will review your site and give you pointers.
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            onestopmarket Wayfarer
            We can help. Visit and we can assist with your Internet Marketing needs.


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              NuevolutionWD Wayfarer
              HELLO VBelectronics,
              WOW, another Ad-Words Horror Story huh? The truth of the fact is Google doesn't really care whether you make dollar or not. As long as they get their share of that dollar that's all the are concerned. So if you made 1 dollar, what's the point? they take 89 cents (conversion rate) what's the point of being in business?

              You are not the first customer that tells me that they've spend more than what they made using Ad-Words... That is not practical nor is it wise.
              I've been a search engine optimizer and web developer over the last 8 years, and I've seen the changes. What worked perfectly yesterday, doesn't work today. Which means you have to keep up with the market trends and changes almost in a blink of an eye.

              If you are looking for someone to optimize your web site, the first step is to evaluate your web site, create an analysis, and take it from there. I would be more than happy to assist you with your project as well as teach you how to make money without the help of Google Ad-Words. There are various tools out there that can get you the same results at a much decent price.

              I would be more than happy to assist you with your project. The only thing I need is the Link to your site, and I will populate a report for you so I know where you currently stand on the search engines and what I can do to help your web site. Without an analysis How can someone offer to help you?

              Please call me or email me... Best regards...
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                  VBElectronics Newbie
                  I posted my website above. It is
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                      redefyned1 Wayfarer
                      Hello VBElectronics. I apologize for taking so long to get back with your but here is my assement of your site. I typically try to make sites that are search engine friendly in respect to their guidelines.

                      First of all, you are going to need some more content on your first page. Basically you have a couple of small paragraphs where you mention a product or two. The rest of the home page are links to products. This is not a niche market so it will be tough to compete against the big boys but it can be done with a lot of hard work. It is a never ending job though.

                      Put yourself in the shoppers mind for a second. Why would I want to buy from you. You have less than 10 seconds to impress me before I'm clicking and going to the next site. Give me some information I want and need. How does the Playstation 3 stack up against the XBox 360? I want to know that you are an authorative source when it comes to your products and the accessories you sell with them. Right now I do not know that from a couple of paragraphs on the first page.

                      If you do some searching on SEO you will see that backlinks (sites that are linking to you) do carry some weight as far as how your site ranks in the search engine results. It is not the only driving factor but rather a small part. Be careful how you get these backlinks. Do not pay for links or get involved in recipricol link exchanges or link farms. The best way to get backlinks is to create unique content that will naturally lead to people and webmasters linking to your site because they find it useful to them and their viewers.

                      From a technical standpoint, you need to address your canonical issues. You can access your home page several different ways. This will ultimately hurt you in the long run.
                      You will want to address this by using a 301 redirect in your .htaccess file if you have access to it and can modify it.

                      Fix your html for your pages. Some argue this has no affect on your search page results but it does in a wround about way.

                      Also address your CSS issues.

                      I am also providing a couple of links to Google Webmaster articles that expands more on some of the topics I talked about previously. They are great reference articles and provide the guidelines for which to follow.

                      Google Webmaster Guidelines:
                      SEO Starter Guide:
                      Quote from the FAQs about HTML validation: Q: Does validating my site's code (with a tool such as the W3C validator) help my site's ranking in Google?
                      A: No, at least not directly. However, to the extent that cleaning up your HTML makes your site render better in a variety of browsers,
                      more accessible to people with disabilities or folks accessing your
                      pages on portable or other devices, and so on, it can improve the
                      popularity of your site... increasing traffic, natural links to your
                      site (which can help with your Google ranking), and so on.

                      Good luck!
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                    FlAdMan Adventurer
                    Try, they are a business database that helps local business advertise online. See my website for more information. WWW.FREEWEBS.COM/CHEAPADZ