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    Site Review, WWW.SHIPPERY.COM

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      Hello Everyone, Please take a moment to review our site and post any comments or suggestions that you might have. This is our Beta version. is the world's first comprehensive online shipping solutions provider. We offer customers a variety of shipping options, save them money, and simplify the process of shipping and postage purchase.
      SHIPPERY is the first online shipping source to integrate services of all four major shipping carriers (FedEx, UPS, USPS and DHL) and numerous smaller ones. It enables shipping customers to compare shipping rates, purchase postage and print shipping labels in seconds, as well as arrange for pick-up or drop-off, track shipments, and create and view account reports. It requires no additional software and no registration or personal information to look up rates.
      We believe that E-commerce entrepreneurs will be pleased to see a complete e-commerce integration that will enable them to shop for and print postage for merchandise in a matter of seconds, as well as process return labels for their customers. High-volume shippers have an opportunity to become VIP members and receive discounts of up to 25% in addition to personalized service, which will include weekly billing, carrier discrepancy resolution and special promotions.
      SHIPPERY services are Free, Quick, and Easy to use and require no additional software.