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    How much does a website cost?

    rolonap Wayfarer
      Hello SBOC:
      I am considering the creation of a website to promote my 8 month old bussines. I just want to have an idea of the cost on having a website build and maintained. Here are some details on what it would require:

      • Main page to show store locations, bussines descripcion and products categories.
      • Search capabilities within the site
      • List 6 categories of products each with 100+ products. Only about 50 out of this 600 need individual details (separate page with picture and extra details).
      • No animacions or music required, just some pictures and company logo displayed
      • Be able to take feedback from customers (e-mail)
      • Product list has to be updated every 2 months (adding and deleting products).

      How much more would it cost to add e-commerce to this site once it is built? (let's call this phase two, 8-12 months after website is launched)

      Any feedback would be greatly appreciatted.
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          sbWebCentral Newbie
          From your description, depending on the quality of work you are expecting and degree of your involvement, you're usually looking at $200 to $1,500 for phase one, and $2,000 to $8,000 for phase two. Plus around $50 to $80/hour maintainance or $40 to $200/month.
          If you're more tech savvy and want spend less, you can choose to do it all yourself with open source CMS. In this case, you don't have a peny out of pocket expense and pay only peanuts for hosting.($20/year possible).
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            your_web_guy Adventurer
            We can set you up with a content management system that will meet your needs for phase one for 899 set up and 59 per month which includes everything (updates, maintenance, hosting, etc...)

            however if you are going to do that many products in the first place i would suggest doing the ecommerce suite from the get go to save re entering data - to do ecommerce it is 1199 one time with the same monthly. Merchant fees are not included but we can recommend a pretty good company. If you dont want folks to purchase online right away the ecom package probably still is the best idea because we can make it just a catalog without add to cart buttons until you are ready to go that route.

            if you would like to see more from my company go to and click around.
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              Iwrite Pioneer
              I think you get 3 - 5 estimates from web designers who you have seen their work. Compare the list of things they are willing to do, evaluate the quality of the sites they have done and then talk with them over the phone or in person to find out what they are thinking as far as your project is concerned. Talking to them will give you an idea of what it will be like to work with them.

              I understand that this may feel like a lot of work but it will save you a lot of grief later. The more you know going into the project, the better the experience will be. This process is more about the quality of the work and less about the price - you want a site that does what you need and can grow with you in the future. You also want a designer that takes pride in his/her work and will give you the most bang for your buck.

              I agree that you should think about doing the e-commerce at the beginning. It will be less work intensive in the beginning and you can have all the bugs worked out. You can have the e-commerce turned off and then when you are ready simply have it turned on, removing the need for a phase two.

              Take your time with the process and ask lots of questions. After investing this much time and money, you are not going to want to have to do this again in a year or two because you are not happy with your site. Plan it out from the beginning.

              I hope this helps.
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                Anne87 Wayfarer
                Have you got a website that works best for your business?
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                  Srinyvas Newbie
                  Hi ,
                  Website is a address for Online :
                  Before Designing Websites you will come to know some business Statics llike

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                    smallbiz4u Wayfarer
                    For us, it only costs $88 to start. Come and visit us at

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                      righttoo Wayfarer
                      If you have a little bit of extra time on your hands or if one of your employees does. You can alway try a web hosting company like go daddy or homestead. most of these providers offer all the tools you would need to manage and run a ecommerce site. And they offer very user friendly site builders. If this is an option for you. you can check out some reviews on these hosting providers at
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                        jshindl Newbie

                        This article has some general guidance on how to answer this question.
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                          vnavguys Tracker
                          I would like to add something here without the pitching that usually goes on. I see this a jillion times over when people want to start or develop a website. They want a price to build it out, and there is a ton of people that do that, but they miss the most important thing. You must allocate a budget for optimizing that site. Its even more important than site design. A designer will scream his objections to this case, but i say this. It does not matter much how pretty it is, if you cannot be found in the search engines, then it is a waste of time and money. Most website designers know NOTHING about search engine optimization, marketing sites, getting links and building authority in Google. This is key if you want to suceed. So how do you learn about SEO? Thats the journey, you will need to invest some time into this area and either hire good people or do a lot of research.
                          I hope this helped.
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                            sahathom Wayfarer



                            i have my own web design and development company and we do things a little differently and more affordable for you. We base our rates on monthly sbuscriptions, so in your case it would be $35/month to build the site, after it is completed you would still pay the $35/month but that involves unlimited maintenance/new features etc that you want done to your site. Email me if you want to hear more about how we operate!



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                              envyeconomy Wayfarer
                              Cost of the website is based on the web designer its a service business I don't care what you need or don't need its going to vary so web designer by web designer
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                                david_aa Adventurer
                                Hello rolonap! I'm a young lawyer who wants to put his practice on the web. And I was limited in my financial resources as well. I was offered a website for $900 and for $3000. But recently I found a service provider which offers high quality website exactly for lawyers just for $49 per month. They also give a free domain name and unlimited hosting. For me this sounds really reasonable, I checked this website builder during free trial and now going to order the whole service package. if you are interested in an advanced website, find the details here
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                                  jessicalore Newbie
                                  You know the kind of website you are trying to get is not complicated but pricy in some companies. We actually can create an E-commerce that you can actually maintain by yourself for only about $600. I know people here said that you can save a lot if you use a FREE CMS package. Yes you can save, but definitely there will be something you need to give away, in this case will be your time while learning an probably some headaches while building it. It is time consuming let me tell you. The CMS that we use the most is Joomla, it is very powerfull and easy. But is not for everyone. What I mean whit is that some people like it and some others don't. The only thing that I see not complicated but time consuming is just uploading all the 600 products you have, and with Joomla you can do it yourself. It is easy. We offer all of our clients video and text tutorials to learn about their own websites. You can check see how Joomla can look and work on this site