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    Looking for info on online tutoring companies

    coffeebean Wayfarer

      I am looking for techincal resources on creating an online tutoring business. This would be an extension of my current in-home tutoring business.


      I am looking for:


      1) any ideas
      2) software resources


      3) pricing information


      4) techincal do's and don'ts of an online tutoring business


      5) information on software to manage and schedule "online employees"


      6) software to track minutes used by a student or tutor


      7) typical mistakes made by online service companies (regardless of industry)


      8) What kind of back-up plan do online services have when the server goes down? Can a site be "mirrored" somewhere else and then pick up where the downed site left off? Or is that just reserved for super-duper important services like bank servers that get flooded during hurricanes? (In my defense, try explaining to Johnny's mom why he failed the test because his studying software was down and he couldn't access his online American History notes the night before the exam. The failed test lowers him to a C in the class and he loses his scholarship to ThisIsYourFuture University.)


      Thank you for any direction you can offer!