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    loans or lines of credit

    samwu8123 Newbie
      i have a take out restaurant establish 2007.i want to remodel the place to improve the needs $60000 to $90000 to get it done.and i have $3000 a month to pay the loan,and i have perfect credit,but i had never apply this large loan before maybe only $10000 or $15000 credit card.what should i do?
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          leasing4u Newbie
          You have a couple of options. Let's talk about it. 615-554-0988 Steve
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            amspcs Ranger
            You have several options, including factoring your credit card merchant services receivables.
            You may also qualify from a number of other sources for private financing...not as easy as it
            once was,but it can be done if you are referred to the right people.

            If interested in pursueing ideas, please reply with your name, location, contact info, etc.
            Good luck.
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              bmt2008 Adventurer
              As stated - you could factor your credit card receipts - called a Business Cash Advance - not really a loan - just an advance against future credit card sales.

              If you own your own building - you could refinance it and seek cash out. Just know that taking cash out would require a Loan-to-value around 50% to 60% - this would be your cheapest way in terms of fees and interest.

              You could seek a personal loan - provided your credit is good and you have an ability to repay (both of which you stated).

              If you have business equipment that you own, you could sell that equipment to a leasing company - then lease it back (they don't really take your equipment - it is just a paper transaction). You get the cash from the sale and make lease payments like you would to a loan. You could also have the option of buying the equipment back at the end of the lease for around $1.00.

              If you need more information about your options - please visit our website - - our site is designed to help business owners understand their financing options as well as help them find companies that want to work with them.

              Just some thoughts

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                bigpayout Newbie
                My company can help you with the funds for remodeling. We provide funds for restaurants nationwide. If interested, contact me for more info.