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    Cleaning service

    chipito Newbie
      Hi! any body knows where I can buy a list of phone numbers for companies where I can call to offer my services? I own a commercial cleaning service and I clean buildings, nursing homes, offices in Florida and
      I am trying to expand my services by having a call center and making appointments and offer my services to a future clients. =)
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          WEBillions Adventurer
          Your local chamber of commerce. They might have emails too. You might want to try both (at least if you don't hear back from one method) since people have different preferences for being contacted. The nice thing about email is that its easy to forward to the right person if you should get someone not in charge of maintenance the first time around.
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            DomainDiva Ranger
            You might want to try large property management companies that manage these large buildings. Just go to the internet and enter into a search engine and specify your area.