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    Costa Rican property

    mountmancr Newbie
      I have a home and onother property in Costa Rica that I must sell or trade. Other people here seem to be in some kind of networking orgs. but I can't seem to find the right place to advertise. Can anyone give me some advice. Please
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          A.R.Suarez Newbie
          Hey Mount,

          Just relax. You see, marketing can be very intimidating, mostly because you are not sure where to begin. Here are a few questions to hlep:

          1. How much is the property worth?
          2. Are there popular magazines which people who could afford to house subscribe to?
          3. Are there any attractions in the area?

          1: When you determine the property's value, you can cull out a lot of excess; you avoid wasting a ton of money by not advertising in mediums. Here is a good illustration: placing an ad for a 500k property in a magazine with low to middle class circulation will go nowhere. Instead, you would find a publication with wealthy/affluent families, investors, etc., and lay down a well-thought out advertisement. By understanding #1, you can determine your target: low, middle, upper, or investors in any of the three?

          2) I somewhat touched upon this: find your target market's favorite "medium" and stick it where they will notice. Another recommendation is to call any publication's advertising director. Ask how many subscribers live in your area, their income levels, etc.; try to collect the three graphs: geographics (area), demographics (age, income, so on), and psychographics (buying behavior).

          3) This can be very beneficial and ad more advertising possibilities. If you own a property near Vegas, for example, find an affluent gambler or Vegas magazine. People love living near their favorite attractions. The close proximity of Disney is the whole reason why some live in Florida.

          Sidenotes: Newspapers are also good. These will be mostly investors. You could also try finding a high-traffic website which sells expensive homes.



          P.S. With the economy in its current condition, make sure to have a specific market; these people are much easier to sell than hoping to get "lucky" somewhere else.