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    Email Marketing Strategy For Your Business

    Matt_Johnson Newbie
      How would you like to gain new customers and at the same time keep in touch with existing ones and earn more profit for every customer?


      Email marketing is a powerful strategy you can incorporate into your website. We will develop a marketing plan specifically designed for your business. We use unique Lead Software that can easily be incorporated in your website. What would you rather have? A website with all the newest bells and whistles that doesn't produce any income or help you to generate more clients? Or what about a website with integrated lead capturing software that allows you to send monthly, weekly, or even daily newsletters or special offers to your customer base and *skyrocket your profit*?

      Imagine having a list of 1,000 customers who have subscribed to your email list. If you were to send out postcards to all those people by mail, it would cost you a lot more than sending out an email. Now imagine that you could send out those postcards whenever you wanted? If you made $500 everytime you send out your batch of postcards to 1000 prospects, your profit will be slim after factoring in the cost of posts cards and time involved. We can offer to send out emails and help you build your customer list. We can integrate offline strategies with online strategies to produce a happy medium that provides you with sales and customers.

      ZimLeads is a startup company offering custom marketing plans to small businesses. We encourage you to check out our site at, email us at, or call us at (716) 989-0469.

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      ZimLeads Marketing Solutions