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    Looking for start up advice

    singlemom79 Newbie
      I am new to this website, but so far am finding it very informative. I do not yet have my own business, but I want to start a cleaning business. I am a single mother living from paycheck to paycheck and have to make some additional income asap. I was told by someone that a cleaning business is one of the easiest to start. If anyone owns a business like this or has some advice on how to start, I would gratefully welcome the feedback. I am a very low paid medical assistant with no money and no business experience,so I am basically starting from scratch.
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Looking for start up advice, Welcome Mom

          Who are you?? Do you have a First name?? Where are you??

          Go to Members page and share some info with us and then I will be happy to give you lots of advice and feedback. Talk to us.
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            MyBusCanHelp Wayfarer


            You have just taken your first step to improve your situation by starting your own business.

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              Analysight Newbie

              The best way to start a cleaning business is through referrals. Let your friends and family know you're doing cleaning on the side. After you've cleaned a few of their homes, ask them if they can refer you to their friends.

              Regarding business experience, I know it seems like a large task, but for a one-person business like yours, it really boils down to three smaller components:

              1. Finance - really easy. Cleaning supplies aren't that expensive. But track ALL your expenses related to the business (supplies, miles driven for your business, etc.) Also, track every dollar you earn.
              2. Marketing - it shouldn't be that expensive, since referrals will be the most of your business. But you might also use flyers or other means of advertising.
              3. Taxes. Even though it's a couple hundred dollars, it's worthwhile to consult an accountant as to how best to track your sales and expenses for tax purposes.

              Singlemom, I wish you the very best in your new venture.

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                instantv Adventurer
                We have assisted individuals in starting cleaning business, janitorial
                services and widow cleaning businesses along with landscaping
                businesses and other types of small businesses. My first suggestion is
                that you may want to place your focuses of providing both commercial accounts
                and residential services.

                As you grow your business you may want to
                continue with both sectors or decide one one or the other commercial or
                residential, You would use a different approach for generating
                commercial accounts than for residential customers but in both you
                need to set yourself apart from your competition in your area and bring
                value added as a part of your services.

                Word of mouth referrals are nice but slow in coming, you will need to
                take a more pro active approach to bring in customers faster otherwise
                your business will become more bothersome than valuable to you. You
                need thinking of hiring a small crew which you will grow as needed.

                At first you will rent or least your equipment as needed so speak with
                a few equipment rental companies in your area let them know what your
                intentions are. Make a point of having each be aware that by providing
                you with discounted rates now will serve you both as you grow so it
                will be in their best interest to workout special discounts at this

                Speak with janitorial suppliers who are willing to provide you with
                discounts and even set you up on an account so you don't need pay on the
                spot when you need supplies. This can be important since often you will need supplies prior to
                receiving payment from your customers.

                I hope this information helps getting you going in the right
                directions. We can discuss various methods you may want to use in
                marketing, promoting and advertising your business locally based on
                where you are in the country.

                There are many more points and suggestions which I would be more than
                happy to discuss with you at no cost if you would like to give me a
                ring during the week. You will find my contact information in my
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                  Anne87 Wayfarer
                  Looking for a backup plan is such a smart action ,especially in this economy.
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