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    Investment Opportunity for Online Business

    xoole33 Newbie
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      I am in need of a investor for my company Xoole Inc. Right now is a online
      search engine and advertising network. We need money to start our new project
      xtv which will start online tv. I cant say much about this because then everyone
      will want to invest which would be great but only looking for a few investors.
      The terms will be a percentage of the companies annually profit over the course
      of a term length. If you want to make money or want to help fund the future of
      the internet this is your chance. Please email me with a little about yourself
      and we can setup a meeting.


      I am not really looking for investment firms just people, that want to help
      create something special.


      Our terms are negotiable but only percentage. Not looking for a Loan just a investor.




      Neil Cirbus


      Xoole, Inc.
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Investment Opportunity for Online Business

          Neil, You ran this post last August. What has happened since August??

          Have you developed a Business and Marketing Plan?? I personally will not even consider providing money to you or your business without reading a plan.

          Talk to me, LUCKIEST
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            bmt2008 Adventurer
            Neil, first - publiclly seeking investment funds for your business may violate some SEC rules - please contact the SEC and ask them - or find what you need on their website. It is usually OK to ask people you know or have been introduced to personally and in person - but may not be OK to publically seek funding - especially from non-accredited investors.

            Second, have you looked locally? Have you gotten out in your community and networked with local businesses and individuals? May be an easier route to getting funding.

            Just some thoughts

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