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    This is the cheapest advertising available!!

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      I am very excited to have the opportunity to introduce you to the best and most cost efficient online advertising available!!

      is unlike most advertising streams in that it allows mass exposure for companies that otherwise would go unseen. It is a product that EVERY business needs, especially small local businesses.

      There are many benefits that I will not be able to cover here, but it basically places your company's listing in front of people that are either on other sites reading about your industry or product, or searching in a search engine. When they click on the link, they are directed to, and see your company at the top of the page with a map of your location in their area!!

      I am very familiar with the costs associated with pay-per-click (ppc) advertising, and print advertising, and I know that the return on the investment on these is almost non existent. I knew that the geo targeting of the Local Ad Link ads would be perfect for most small or home business owners.


      The fact that any company can place an ad for as little as $50 per month in 3 zipcodes or $200 per month a in 50 zip codes is incredible!

      Think about that......your advertisement in front of anyone in those 50 zipcodes, that are already looking for your product or service! Incredible opportunity for new customers!!

      You can even target specific zip codes based on your industry, or even choose the zipcodes where you think there would be more potential customers based on income or other factors.

      One more great benefit for small businesses is that with the ads, you get basically a "mini-website" for companies that can't afford the traditional website!! It displays your company name, address, phone number, map, pictures, tag phrases, and even build coupons for your company!!

      In this economy you must be always targeting new customers and this is the way to do it cost effectively.

      See for yourself at then contact me my website today:

      I am eager to hear your ideas and input on this advertising stream!!

      Thank you for your time!