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    Suggestions for my business

    mattcw Newbie
      I've just joined the forum and would like to get as much feedback from everyone as possible.

      I have recently created a business, which focuses on 4 business areas: (given the fact that i'm based in Poland, only two activities are actually directed at the u.s. market)

      1. business english workshops - targets the Polish corporate environment

      2. translation services - polish-english, english-polish

      3. communication outsourcing - directed at Polish companies needed assistance with communicating with English-speaking clients, partners, associates, etc.

      4. language consulting - directed at foreign firms looking to bring their business to Poland (this is where I would like to get the most feedback for)

      It'll probably be best to check out the website first as it'll give you the best outline of my business. I am particularly looking for suggestions in terms of business development in the u.s., and any ideas related to language consulting.

      It'll be very interesting to hear your thoughts on my company and I will definitely appreciate all input.