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    Authorize.Net Important Update

    amspcs Ranger
      Don't know why the top half of my post is being deleted---I tried posting it twice. Sorry about that, please
      disregard the previous erred posts.

      Anyway, if you use gateway services, they have issued a very important update you
      need to read. It's entitled "Authorize.Net System Notice" and we published it Feb 19,09 on our blog
      located a*t*

      If you use, you need to read this.
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          consultingbob Wayfarer
          Just FYI - this was not just an change. The step to stop using SSL 2.0 and upgrade to SSL 3.0 was a requirement of the PCI Industry Standards, and takes effect for ALL credit card processing gateways. This includes other popular services such as SkipJack, PayFlowPro (Verisign) and all the rest.

          However, it's not an alarming change. Everyone processing credit card payments should have the latest software libaries on their servers, and SSL 3.0 has been supported for a long time now. If anyone does have problems connecting to their gateway after this change, then they really need to take a look at their server to see what else needs to be updated, because something is seriously wrong with their OS configuration and probably needs to be updated.

          Bob Parker
          Complete Internet Consulting