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    2 Partners that are receiving large Salaries

    William21 Newbie

      I have 2 business partners that are on salary, but not doing any work or very very very little. They both have
      primary jobs one is a local accountant and the other one is an insurance agent. They both are pulling done
      over $100,00 a piece and they both have their spouses that are on our Board of Directors that are 6 members
      including my-self. Their spouse are also receiving a salary. The one spouse is writing up the minutes for our
      weekly board meetings and getting paid a good salary. The other spouse is doing a little HR stuff (very very limited)
      and is recieving a salary.

      I'm the main person that brings in revenue for the company. Matter of fact, 70% to 75% of the revenue that comes in
      is because of me and my knowledge, skills, education, and expertise. They know if I leave the company will fold.
      One partner doesn't even work on a computer, and he doesn't know how to send or receive emails or
      even look at them since he doesn't work a computer. The other partner doesn't know how to recieve or send emails
      as well. He has very little experience on a computer. I'm also on salary and my pay is less than one of the partners
      and the other one is equal to mine or bit higher. I haven't received any commission or incentive for any business etc. etc.

      I feel that I'm getting the shaft and that they are profiting off of me. I need some advice, PLEASE HELP!!!!
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          Iwrite Pioneer
          WIlliam, where is the business located? Do you have a partnership agreement? If so, how are the duties outlined in the agreement?

          You really need to document everything and consult with an attorney who specializes in partnership issues. If the agreement does not spell out the responsibilities then you have a problem. Have you tried to talk with your partners? What are you looking for the outcome to be? Do you want them to step up or do you want to part ways?

          It is hard to advise you on what you should do with so little information. The first step is to have an attorney review the agreement.

          i understand why you haven't filled out your profile due to the nature of your issue, be careful with what information you share here.

          Good luck