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    Hiring global employees vs. US employees

    KurtBeier Wayfarer
      I wanted to get people's take on hiring global employees vs. hiring U.S. employees.

      For example: I have an assistant (Bonnie) - she is a decent worker. She does what she needs to do to get by, but a truly feel that I should get more out of her at the $18 p/ hour rate that she gets. When you include her payroll, paid time off, benefits, and various other costs - I really end up paying about $4,000 each month for Bonnie.

      My alternative is to let Bonnie go and hire a global assistant instead. My all-in cost for this employee is only $1092 a month... working the same amount of hours and doing the exact same work. In fact - I can actually afford to hire 4 of these employees and produce 4 times better than I was before with Bonnie at the exact same expense... my productivity would go through the roof! I will produce more revenue and get things done more efficiently.

      What do you guys think would be best in this situation? I look forward to hearing responses.
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          Bluesuit Adventurer

          Other than cost, some other things to think about:

          • Is it important that your assistant is co-located with you?
          • What hours would this global assistant be working - the same as Bonnie's or different?
          • What type of tasks do you need your assistant to perform and can it successfully and safely be done remotely?
          • Do you have any experience managing someone remote? Because if you don't regardless of how many assistants you can hire, if they aren't managed accordingly you may not get results.
          • Have you met these potential employees? Or are they assigned? And if assigned, if one doesn't work out for whatever reason - what recourse do you for a new candidate?
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              KurtBeier Wayfarer
              It sounds as though you have experience with this issue. In response to your points

              • Cost is most important, most of the business I do is done electronically anyway - so having my employee be co-located with me is not an issue.
              -The global employee works the exact same time as my business runs.
              -All of the tasks can be done paperless... I make it a point in my business to be green and stay up to date with technology.
              -My global employees are mine to manage and communicate with. There is no recourse if one doesn't work out - I can simply replace them with another one. I'm going with WLM Global who is a great outsourcing firm in Mission Viejo.
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              raj011 Newbie
              Hirring global employees always a benefitial desion for the company. US employee always move to US and don't tacle as well as the Global.
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