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    What if you could save over 60% on your current payroll???

    KurtBeier Wayfarer
      Technology is flattened our world... believe it or not, but I communicate with my employees in India just as easily as I can with my employees in my building down the street. The only difference is that my employees in India cost roughly 1/3 of the price.

      I can save over 60% of ANY companies payroll costs by outsourcing non-revenue generating tasks overseas. I'm not saying you need to get rid of your good employees - I'm telling you to use them to generate revenue.

      Think about it. The best employee in any company is usually the one that gets stuck with all the busy work because he/she is the only one that works hard enough to get it done. RIGHT?

      Imagine if you took all the work and sent it to India and got it done at a fraction of the cost. Now your best employees can work directly with clients and generate revenue. What would be possible?

      Wouldn't that grow your business? Wouldn't that increase your profitability? If all small and mid-size businesses did this wouldn't that fix the current economic crisis? Think about this...