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    Business Plan Pro

    ORIGINATOR Wayfarer
      I have to create a business plan forecasting only the Employee Expenses (salary, travel, other business expenses) and Sales for 48 months and recently considered purchasing Business Plan Pro 2007.

      Will Business Plan Pro 2007 help me do it? Have you ever used this product?

      Can I create charts and graphs depicting variations in the performance curve for Expenses and Sales over 48 months?

      Are the charts and graphs hard to create? Do I have to create a separate Excel data base and merge the data into the Business Plan Pro software?

      Will it look professional in presentation once completed?

      Once completed is there a problem converting it to a pdf format?

      I appreciate your time and look forward to your reply.
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          ParadiseOasis Newbie
          I created my business plan with Business Plan Pro 2003 and it was very easy to use with professional results. The 2003 version has a sales forecast section and sections to list expenses. I'm sure the 2007 version is better, the 2003 version was and still is very helpful. hope this helps
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              ORIGINATOR Wayfarer
              Thank you for the insight.

              A decade ago I bought the 1997 version but never put it to use.

              Since I kept all the original registration information the company said they would only charge me a nominal charge for the upgraded 2007 version.

              With the comments you have provided I think it would be a good idea to go for the upgraded version.

              Take care,

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                  akmbd166 Newbie

                  Did the same thing you are/were thinking about... bought BPP in 90s and updated to 2006 version.


                  They seem to have good ideas, but it is one of the most sluggish and awkward user interfaces that have ever used.


                  But, kinda stuck with it now.


                  Eg... no way to expand 'plan outline' to various levels with out expanding all and then going back to list and collapsing each individual topic. Ie MS Project had same problem in 90s but they at least corrected that in later versions.


                  Have also been trying to find a discussion forum dedicated to BPP but no luck yet, please let me know if you know of any.


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                      CorpCons08 Ranger
                      I woud have to agree. If you are looking for a template, use one in Microsoft Word and just edit it to your liking. Business Plan Pro is a very awkward system to use.
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                          akmbd166 Newbie
                          IMHO 'to use or not to use BPP' is one of those questions where there are enough pluses and minuses on both sides to make it very difficult to answer.
                          As I said b4, there are some good ideas and it produces a good final report presentation, but, the user interface makes it very time consuming and frustrating to use... especially if you are at all skilled working with programs like Excel and Word.
                          BPPs 'spread sheets' are meaningful but very limited and not at all 'customizable', and, its text documents are well intentioned but again have very limited word processing capabilities.
                          And its difficult to work with as a multi-page document as a whole (eg, cant search for words in the document, cant easily get to or re-arrange pages from the clumsy outline navigator as I noted in a previous post, etc).
                          Its not easy to say one way or the other... but dont think I would have bought it if I knew what I know now about it.
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                    Lighthouse24 Ranger

                    This came up in a discussion today, and I wondered: Did you purchase Business Plan Pro? If so, how is it working? If not, what did you select instead? Thanks for any info you can provide!
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                      sirebral Wayfarer
                      Here you are Origniator. I think the PaloAlto website for Business Plan Pro contains all of the information you need. :> I would look at the 'Compare' to get a list of all the features that BPP has.

                      The company also offers a 60 money back guarentee so you can try the software for 8 weeks before really deciding to purchase it.
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                        cocojin Newbie
                        I have used BPP before and I thik its a great product to give you Ideas and samples to go off of. Since you can export to Word I usually start my Biz Plan in BPP export it and alter it to my objective. All and all I think its a good deal. I also was able to buy the bundled BPP software which cam with a copy of "The Art of the Start," not sure if they still offer that but it was good info.